Friday, February 22, 2013


Welcome to week two of pictures from my week! I'm so glad it's Friday and yet it still feels like it is Wednesday. Which makes me excited when I realize it's actually Friday! 

This week started off on a, ummm, slimy and sleepless note. Then it quickly filled with time with friends, lots of school, and the arrival of next year's curriculum and my new toy with which I'm sure to die. This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing all three of my favorite sisters, time with HH, time with nieces and nephews, and the possibility of more projects being accomplished. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

My washing machine before HH fixed it and we cleaned it up. So many loads of laundry have been done this week and it takes way less time than before. I'm a Desperate Housewife turned Happy Housewife. That's the best kind.

What they tried to wear. Well, the Fluffy blonde one still made it out of the house in her miss-matched outfit with mis-matched socks pullled over her leggings and up past her knees. But the "The shorter the dress, the better" Curly haired one had to change. It's official. HH is now monitoring what they wear out of the house. It's starting so early, :)

Pizza night! Friday night is usually pizza night at our house and  we never get tired of it. 

Jackson likes a little pizza with his ranch!

I asked HH to stop and get some ice cream...P.S. If you have a Haggens store near you go right now and buy their rocky road. Seriously. It's the best. Creamy chocolate ice cream (with no soy), chunks of almonds and marshmallows, and a swirls of gooey caramel. The. Best. So you need to go. Now. Really.

Meal planning! The top list is the foods that I had /have in the freezer. The bottom list is the meals we've been eating this week. Under it all is my calendar so I know when to plan easy meals and what events I need to work around.

Every Sunday night I "shop" from my freezer for the week. I bring a bag of the meals I've chosen in from the deep freezer and stack them in my indoor freezer. The month is almost over which means I'm working on my shopping list for next month. This way of cooking is so nice and helpful. Our evenings have been so much more enjoyable because I'm not stuck in the kitchen most of the night.

Jackson wasn't feeling well last Sunday night. These next three photos were taken  between 2:30 and 3 a.m. He was more happy running around playing and he wasn't screaming so I was fine playing with him and enjoying his cuteness. He's so cute with his magna doodle. He concentrates really hard on what he's drawing and loves to show me his work. Even if it's just a tiny dot.

Working on his architectural skillz.

Finally taking a moment to rest. With laser eyes.

Finally getting  some sleep Monday mid-morning.  He's so sweet. Even though he pooped, puked, and peed on me just the day before.

Amelia is in "pretty" school this year and just this last month she's gotten the hang of  writing her letters. Now we are working on writing her name. She is so proud of herself.

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Din said...

Oh bummer. I thought the link to the thing you got that may kill you would link to a picture of you! ;) Looks like a very productful week at KK! <3
And, I know I'm really your favorite, so I forgive you.

pistolsnprincesses said...

I think the only picture that will get posted of me in relationship to the death trap is of me in a coffin. 'Cuz seriously. It's gonna kill me.

Danavee said...

I like a little pizza with my ranch too!!! ;)

Rachel said...

That sleeping photo is just beautiful. And the pizza looks delicious!!