Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You know you're a mom...

I mentioned my crazy Sunday in my post on Monday. We had be having a productive weekend that I was going to share with you all and then Sunday happened.

Our weekend started Friday morning when HH got home from work. We hung out around the house visiting, doing school, and making plans. Friday afternoon and evening ended up being a date with the kids in tow. We made some fun purchases and did some errand running. To me running errands is a love language of it's own so I was elated. Especially since this was weekend #2 of errand running.

Saturday I started my day with brunch with a friend in a quaint town nearby. We talked marriage, kids, and life and I left encouraged, convicted, and inspired.

When I got home HH decided to pull our washing machine apart to replace some parts since it had pretty much given up on spinning clothes dry no matter how small the load. This is what we learned about our washer when he took it apart:

I was beyond disgusted. I use my washer ALL the time! How does it have time to mold and build up gunk like that?! Anyways, I googled it and apparently it is semi-normal and you just clean it out and run a load of bleach water once a month. This is forever on my to-do list now because eeeeew! Gross!

HH ran out to look for parts and didn't find them locally so we had to wait until the next day to finish the repairs. We got up Sunday morning and rushed out the door. This is what the girls tried to wear:

HH said en emphatic NO! about the outfit on the right. Teehee! We took the kids out to breakfast and had a great time. Then we headed into "the big city" to run more errands and get parts. I'm gonna condense this part by saying: it took a sweet forever! But we accomplished most of what we set out to do. By 4 in the afternoon the washing machine was back together and running like a pro.

In the course of the previous busy week and the weekend of plumbing issues we had used up all but two towels in our house. We had lots and lots of laundry to do. Thankfully my washer is running better so loads take less time to dry. This makes me so many kids of happy. HH is amazing.

Sometime after coming home Jackson needed to be changed. In a smelly kind of way. Never in his life have I experienced what I did when I quickly took his pants off. Poo everywhere! All down his legs. On me. On the floor. On his diaper bag.

I cleaned up as much as I could with wipes and then got both of us into the tub. We took a bubble bath together and came out smelling much better than when we got in. After that I went on a mini cleaning spree and picked the house up and mopped the kitchen. Being pooped on has that kind of affect on a person.

HH left for work around 7 that evening and shortly after that Jackson and I were playing together in the kitchen. He kept coughing and I was a little concerned. I knew he had a small cold but he hadn't been coughing so much. Suddenly he gagged and started throwing up. All down my shirt (inside and out), leg, and foot. All down himself. And all over the kitchen floor I'd just mopped.

I stood frozen for a few minutes unsure of how to handle this situation exactly. Hazel and Amelia were loudly letting me know there was puke on the clean floor. I couldn't ask Abiah to help me because throw up makes him throw up. I thought about calling my mom who's 5 minutes away but figured I could think of a way to take care of it by myself  as long as the other kids cooperated.

I quickly stripped Jackson to his diaper. I wiped me feet on the kitchen rug. It needed washed anyways, I'm sure. I headed to the bathroom while asking Hazel to run and grab my robe from upstairs, Amelia to grab pajamas for Jackson, and Abiah to get me a clean diaper for Jackson. I also threatened the bedtime of any child who dared walk into the kitchen. Hazel is really into being a big helper and all I could picture was her smearing the puke all over the floor in a sweet attempt to help mommy.

Once again we were in the tub but this time we were taking a shower. I got us both all scrubbed down and cleaned up. Again. Hazel brought me a robe, but it was a short robe. Meant to only cover a person down to their hips. Not gonna work. The kids finally got my long robe and Hazel brought it in to me and absent-mindedly laid it on my pukey clothes. It would have to do. We had other problems I had to figure out.

Since HH had showered before he left for work we were down to one towel. The one Jackson and I had used after our bath earlier. I decided to stand Jackson in the tub while I quickly dried myself off so that I could then dry him off and get us dressed. While I was drying myself off I had on foot in the tub and one foot out. Suddenly I felt water dropping on the foot that was still in the tub. Not only had Jackson managed to poo and puke on me in one day. Now he was peeing on me!

Thankfully I was able to see the humor. I got cleaned up and we were done. I got the kids to bed, relaxed by watching a few shows and was in bed by 11.

Jackson then woke up at 11:45 with an ear ache. I think his cold turned post-nasal and was bugging his ears. We were up most of the night. He was happiest down stairs playing.

He slept the longest from 3:30-6:00 and then we were up for the day. I felt so bad for him. Ear aches are no fun especially when you can't understand things that will help like laying on a heating pad. Monday mid-morning I rocked him to sleep and took a nap myself.

He rested for 45 minutes that time but later slept for 2.5 hours and 11 hours that night. I'm so glad he's feeling better.  It's amazing that you can love someone so much even when they've pooped, puked, and peed on you all in one day.


LaFonda Dunlap said...

Thanks for being an amazing mother to these beautiful gifts from God! I love that you can find the humor and embrace the clean mopped floors with the not so clean ones! Love you sweetheart! Glad you both got some rest and glad little Jackson is feeling better!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Thanks, Mom.