Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Til My Sides Hurt: Hazel on swearing, family, princesses, and chores

While eating breakfast I bit into a slice of orange from an orange I was sharing with HH. I instantly spit it out because of the putrescent flavor that was held within. This, of course, caused a stir among most of the children and HH.

HH: Why did you spit that out?

Me: It was disgusting! Why did you eat yours? I can't believe you ate that!

Hazel, who had been distracted, didn't know what we were talking about and started to ask, "What did Daddy eat?"

Hazel keeps asking but HH and I are still talking so I don't answer. Finally, frustrated that I'm not responding, she says, "What the hell did Daddy eat!"


It was windy out and HH commented: "Sounds like the house is gonna blow over."

Hazel says, mostly to herself: "Then all the people will come and say, 'Hey! What happened to Hazel...and those other people?'"


During a (rare) quiet moment at dinner one night Hazel randomly burst into story telling mode:

"Once upon a time in a far away land lived a princess and a king and queen. One day she wanted to paint her nails. She saw a yellow and shiny toe polish she thought was chapstick so she put it on her lips. Then she had to let it dry. When she ate she got dirty and had to wash it off. The king asked, 'What is that?' 'I thought it was lip gloss,' she said. The king and queen lived happily ever after. The princess died in October. She was that number that is one zero zero."


Hazel and Abiah do the dishes together after dinner each night. One night she and I met in the hall upstairs while she was supposed to be downstairs doing the dishes.

Hazel: I was just putting my backpack up here (in her room) because I can't stay here any longer.

Me: Where are you going?

H: Somewhere far away from here because I can't stay here any longer.

M: Like where?

H: Like somewhere far away. Where they don't work. Just the dads. Not the mom. And there's lots of kids. But only the big boy does dishes. By himself.

And later to Amelia I heard her say: Amelia, I'm leaving here. I just can't stay here any longer. I'm going far away. And I'm taking you with me. And Jackson. And mommy. And Abiah no not Abiah.


Jodi said...

I always just die reading these!

Din said...

Ummm, she is awesome. "What happened to Hazel, and those other people."... bwahaha! She's got quite the personality. Way to enjoy her!!