Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Chubby cheeks, hands, and feet

Six months as of November 3rd. 
Weight:18lbs 6oz (70%) 
Height: 26.5 inches (65-70%)
Head: 47cm (95%!!!!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: For his future girlfriend

Abiah came out donning this nice get up the other night while the girls were dressing up as fairies. He said he was the Fairy Godmother.

Hot Hubby, of course, started telling him to, "Take it off right now!" Abiah was looking for a wrestling match though and stood his ground. When I got out the camera he willingly posed for a picture. However, when I told him I was looking forward to sharing it with his future girlfriend, he instantly changed back into his regular clothes. He did get his wrestling match though. So he won. And so did I!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Sixth Love Language

You may have heard of The Five Love Languages; a book written by Gary Chapman. It's been out for many years now and a great help to many marriages. I know that personally, Hot Hubby and I have benefited from the nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book. I even got the Love Language Book for children.

In the last few years I have referred back to that book too many times to count. And it has proven to be helpful. I just felt a need to get it out there that I think there is one Love Language that Gary failed to cover. Maybe it stands out to me because it's just as vital to my everyday living as my native tongue.

The Love Language of Coffee.

There really isn't much of anything that speaks to my heart the way a god cup of strong coffee does. Hot Hubby has blessed me many a time by stopping just to get me coffee. When it's my idea and he complies I like it. When it's his idea I LOVE it!

So, when I woke to find this on the counter this morning I was elated:

Especially since I was up at 4:30 yesterday morning with his kids, and then again multiple times throughout the night with his kids again. Hot Hubby earned himself a few bonus points for that one, let me tell you. And it just tastes so much better when someone else makes it!

So, Mr. Chapman, I love the book. I really do. I just think you may want to revise it to include the data I've personally researched and so thoroughly documented here.


Shiree aka The Spoiled Wife of Hot Hubby

Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: Because some days I wonder if I'm really qualified

During school one day I was reading from Revelations and trying to keep three wiggly kids sitting in their seats. I started with this: "Then I looked and heard the voice of millions and millions of angels. They surrounded the throne. They surrounded the living creatures and elders."

It was at this point that Amelia got up from her chair. This is what I ended up saying:  "In a loud voice they sang, You sit your butt down right now!"

It was pretty much chaos for a few minutes as Abiah and I tried to control our laughter. We were calmed down for a few minutes when I grabbed our history book and said, "Now. I'm going to read to you and I want you to listen to me. So open your mouths and close your ears."

I was surprised we got anything accomplished that day. Really though, I'm surprised that I get anything accomplished any day. So I guess it was a pretty normal day.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confessions. Brought to you by the letter D.

Confession #1: Last night Hot Hubby had to convince me to have salad for Dinner. How backwards is that?! The reason? Juanita's. Juanita's are the best tortilla chips ever!

I had plans to make taco salad for dinner. The whole reason I made that decision was because of the Juanita's. And fresh guacamole. So, while I stood at the counter facing the two heads of lettuce and a can of olives that needed to be chopped on one side of me and the bag of chips and bowl of guacamole on the other, I decided that it would be easier to throw some cheese on the chips and call it Nacho Night.

I was pretty shocked when Hot Hubby protested. So I ate salad. Because I had to.

Confession #2: I just realized this last weekend that it is my job to make sure my family gets into the Dentist for their routine cleanings. I don't know the source of that brain fart, especially since I make sure to get my kids in for their routine Pediatric visits.

The revelation came after I heard about a mom taking all of her kids in for their teeth cleaning and I caught myself wishing that my kids could do that. Duh! They can! And now some of them have.

Hazel and Amelia went in yesterday morning. Since I had all four in tow I was skeptical about how the morning would turn out. Especially since the girls starting protesting the visit the moment I told them about it Monday afternoon.Hazel did get excited for a minute when she thought she would get glasses like Amelia. But she was back to protesting after I explained the difference between a dentist and an eye doctor.

When the nurse called Hazel's name in the waiting room there was a moment of clear hesitation where she hid behind my leg. And then in a split second she was marching toward the nurse, her teddy bear, Pinkie, in tow. Before we all got back to the exam chairs Hazel had given the nurse her full name and the history of Pinkie the teddy bear. Then she walked right up to the chair and climbed on.

She was so brave and confident. And I think she rather liked the experience. Amelia was just as brave, but not as talkative. The only disappointment for them was that they didn't get new toothbrushes. Thankfully I had a princess one and a lady bug one stashed away here at home.

Abiah is already looking forward to his appointment at the end of the month. Thankfully I remembered to take him in before so he's a pro already. Hot Hubby on the other hand may be more difficult to convince than the girls were. Maybe it will be easier if I promise him a new pretty princess toothbrush afterward...

Monday, November 7, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: A Daddy Funny

Hot Hubby is a fairly conservative guy. He doesn't like attention being drawn to him. Or the people he's with. So, it's perfect that he's married to me. The one who likes to blog the details of our life. And it's also perfect that he has four kids who draw attention wherever they go. Usually it's because of their inexplicable cuteness, but occasionally because of their naughtiness.

But sometimes when they draw attention from others it's Hot Hubby's fault. And it makes me laugh. And it makes me wonder if karma is real.

Case in point, a week ago Sunday. We were heading in to town to run errands before a family birthday gathering. Knowing that lunch time was soon approaching, Abiah asked, "What are we going to eat for lunch?"

The answer he got from Hot Hubby? "Poop! We're gonna eat poop! Just like we do everyday!"

The kids giggled at the "potty talk". Then they spent about 20 minutes trying to find a way to incorporate the word "poop" into their conversation so as to get away with the "potty talk".

"Jackson, look at this poop-poo-gaga!"

"We're going to eat a poop sandwich."

"No you're going to eat poop!"

"Mom, we're going to eat poop!"

After a few "mom looks" and firm reminders of the fate of those who use potty talk from the parent who has been on a mission to curb the potty talk in the house, the poop left the conversation. Though I ended up forgetting about the conversation, the kids didn't.


Me either.

A few hours later we were sitting in Wendy's eating lunch. Though the dining area wasn't full, the majority of the patrons were older couples and groups. And it was fairly quiet. So the people around us could hear EVERYTHING our kids said. Which really isn't so difficult since they tend to talk IN ALL CAPS anyways.

A few minutes into our meal Amelia stood up on the bench she was sitting on and asked, "AW WE EATING POOP?!?"

"Shhhhhh, no we aren't. Sit down, please." I answered.


And Hot Hubby turned a few shades of red. And I wondered about karma.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Big

Hazel is on a mission. A mission to be BIG. As in age. Not weight. She just turned four last month and in the months leading up to her birthday she spent a majority of the time following me around the house asking me if she could do something BIG.

Of course when I would actually give her a task she would whine the whole time and complain that it wasn't a BIG job. My kids have helped with chores or responsibilities since they could begin to put the toys back on the shelf. Gradually I have added more responsibilities for each child as fits their age and capabilities.

Outside of cleaning up after herself, Hazel currently helps with: vacuuming, unloading the dishwasher, folding towels, and taking the recycling out. But this is not enough for her. Which is great. I'm just lost trying to find more for her to do that I know she can actually do.

One struggle I have is incorporating my kids into my cooking. Partially because it's more work. Partially because I am horrible at delegating. But Honestly, it's mostly control. I like my kitchen to be a certain way and I like to prepare food to look and taste a certain way. But I also want my kids to have a love for and knowledge of cooking.

So we started. With cutting olives. It's the cutest thing. The olives are pretty much just smooshed in half. But her pudgy fingers trying to hold the butter knife make my heart sing. And it's pretty dang cute when she tries to sneak an olive.

This week we are going to attempt cookies. I don't know if much of the batter will make it to the oven. But I can guarantee she'll be giggling with excitement the whole time.

What are some BIG activities you do to include your children? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Til My Sides Hurt: The Threat

This morning Hot Hubby pulled out a puzzle and started putting it together with the help of the kids. Which means he and Abiah put the puzzle together while Hazel worked hard at making what-ever piece she could find fit into what-ever place she could squeeze it and Amelia ran around in a pink tutu torturing Jackson with kisses and hugs as he rolled around on the floor trying to escape from her.

At one point the girls lost interest and started watching The Princess Diaries 2 which left the guys to themselves for a few minutes. After taking a break from the movie for breakfast Hazel momentarily lost interest in the movie and continued her attempt at puzzle making. Abiah, having taken the mindset that the puzzle was his and Hot Hubby's project, kept attempting to remind Hazel of her movie.

"Hazel, weren't you watching Princess Diaries?"

"Hazel, didn't you want to watch your movie?"

She kept replying with comments about finishing the puzzle and needing to put on a pretty dress first, but the reminders kept coming and eventually Hazel got fed up and said, "Abiah, if you don't stop saying that to me I'm not going to play in your room tomorrow!"

Laughing, Abiah replied, "That's actually what I want!"