Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Potty Talk

My kids have been using a lot of "potty talk" lately. Not the kind where they repeat "adult" words that they've heard "someone" use. The kind where they call each other poo-poo, pee-pee, and bottom and giggle uncontrollably because it's too much funny for them to handle.

I can sympathize with their situation since this is an issue my mom has had with me. Even when my kids are calling each other naughty names I have to hide the second grade child in me behind my "mom face."

We've had a crack down on the potty talk around here and they are learning that this kind of language has a purpose. Name calling is not that purpose.

Or maybe they are just learning that they get in trouble when they use "potty talk." Who knows. I don't hear it as much. That's the point, right?

Well, today Hazel figured out a way to get around the system. Genius child.

During breakfast she was rattling something of to her brother and ended it by saying, "You potty talk!"

I don't know if I should be concerned or slightly proud.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lack of Something

Christmas Eve morning I let Nathan know that we only had enough coffee for that day and then we would be out (A Christmas Miracle!). Neither of us weere too sad since we were leaving for the weekend and would be able to "get a fix" at the houses we would be at.

However, when Monday rolled around we were both jonesing for a cup of strong coffee. I managed to semi-satisfy my craving with tea (what?) but Nathan had to go without since he won't come within 20ft of tea of any variety.

(I should keep that in mind the next time he suggests we add another member to our family six months after I've just added one...)

Anyways, back to the coffee!

When I asked him to stop for milk on his way home this morning I reminded him we were out of coffee. Apparently he thought I meant doughnuts too because he came home armed with both. He's such a good hubby!

When he went to grind the coffee he grabbed the container we use to put our beans in only to find that it had about 4 cups of beans in it already!

I have no idea why I didn't think to look in the coffee bean canister for coffee beans. It's not like we've not had the same canister for almost six years! Now I know where to look though. Also, we have plenty of coffee!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Girl or Boy, Klara or Jackson, Pheobe or Pheobo

All "Friends" fans should know where the title of this blog came from!

So, after a very full bladder and ten minutes of it being pressed and prodded by the ultrasound technician I got to see this photo:

X marks the spot!

Nathan was meeting me at the Dr.'s office with the kids and my dad but he ended up missing the ultrasound part. My mom and MIL were able to be there though. My FIL was there but he had walked away right before the nurse asked the grandmas to come back. So they were the only ones who got to be there to see these photos:

Face forward.

Arm. Look at those muscles! Just like daddy!

Strong manly leg!

Nathan arrived right after I went into my prenatal appointment so when he came back I got to introduce him to his son, Kenneth Jackson!

Kenneth is after Nathan's dad. Jackson is my mom's maiden name. We plan to call him by his middle name because I go by my middle name. Plus Ken just sounds like a name for an older boy. If anyone wants to call him Ken that's fine with me. I just plan to call him Jackson.

We have had this name picked out since the first time we got pregnant. We have kept it a secret from my FIL and it was so much fun to finally get to tell him!

Nathan was and is excited. But if you happen to see him and he's not giddy and seems nonchalant about having a boy don't be disappointed. That's just how he is. He really is super excited.

After the appointment we went out into the lobby and got to introduce our kids and both our dads to Kenneth Jackson. Everyone was excited.

Well, Hazel said she wanted a girl sister but she doesn't really understand what's going on. When I told her they took pictures of the baby in my tummy she tried to look under my shirt to see them.

Amelia is pretty clueless, but I know she'll just be happy to have a baby around. She's a little bit like her mom.

Abiah is very excited that we are having a boy. I fear that he will be disappointed when the baby doesn't arrive as an instant playmate, though. He also informed us that though he's excited, he doesn't want to have to share his room with Jackson until Jackson is about 4 or 5 years old because he doesn't want wake up at night to a crying baby. Because I usually leave that up to a 7 year old...:)

What Abiah doesn't realize is that when Jackson is 4 or 5 he will be 12 or 13 and won't be wanting to share a room with his younger brother anyways!

The rest of the prenatal information was good. Jackson is healthy. Growing perfectly. The pregnancy is going well. His due date is April 26th but I'm trying not to focus on the date as much as the general time. End of April works for me. Beginning of May...not so much!

My other good news was that I lost 4 lbs in the last 5 weeks!

My FIL took us all out to Red Robin to celebrate. This has been the tradition in the past but I did catch him watching us a little more last night. I think he's pretty excited.

We didn't get home until it was time to put the kids to bed and to get Nathan off to work so I held the giveaway off until today.

Out of fourteen votes, ten were for a boy. Abiah helped me draw a name:

And the winner is:

Congratulation Nikki! I'll get a hold of you and I'll get your prize to you. The prize, again, is a Starbucks card and this:

It's a homemade pink, white, and black broach for your coat lapel. I think it will look great on you, Nikki!

(Sorry about the picture quality. Not a strong point yet. The broach is really super cute. I know you'll love it!)

Thanks to all who participated. I'm excited to share this journey with you!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He She Be and a Giveaway!

Tomorrow is my 20 week prenatal appointment and ultrasound. Eeeek! I am so excited to see our baby again. I can feel movement more and more.

This pregnancy feels different in many ways, but I think most of it is because I don't have time to stop and think about it. Most of the time I forget that I'm pregnant. I would feel bad but I am so excited about this baby that it seems to take away the guilt.

Usually by now many family members and friends would have told me what they predict this baby is going to be. For some reason that hasn't happened this time. When we first found out I had one dear friend tell me that as soon as she heard we were expecting she thought it was a boy.

(Ok. My SIL did tell me that she wanted to say we are having a boy but she thinks we are going to have another girl. But she burned my beans. So she doesn't count.)

But that was it. Until this past week.

I was in Salt Lake City, Utah spending six days with my BFF (by myself I might add!) and she very confidently told me that I am having a boy. Apparently she has felt that way since I told her I'm pregnant.

I, personally, don't have a feeling either way. While I would be delighted with a boy, it scares me at the same time. Abiah is such an easy boy that I'm afraid the next one will be the polar opposite of him. And since I've done (am doing) the girl thing twice it seems easier.

But I want to know what you think.

I posted this a while back and you can use it to help you if you need to.

The giveaway part works this way: In the comment section below tell me what you think Jr is (as in boy or girl for all you funny ones who want to say, "A baby!").

Since there are only two options for a right answer I will take all the entries that guessed correctly and randomly choose one of those names. (So if it is a boy, all those who guessed that way will be entered into the drawing. Just to clarify.)

If we aren't able to find out tomorrow due to a stubborn/shy baby I will just choose one person from all names entered.

My appointment is at 3:30 pm PST so no entries after that time will be counted.

The prize is a Starbucks card and a homemade treat (not edible, btw).

Also, you must leave the comment on the blog (not Facebook) for your entry to count. Also, those of you who want to tell me after we find out that you knew all along what the baby's sex is totally don't count. And you people irritate me.

Sometimes I have a bad attitude.

I will announce the results and the winner tomorrow night!