Monday, February 16, 2015

Not How

As a mom of six, the last two who are twins, I am constantly getting comments about my brood when I'm out. From older women it's usually of the "better you than me" variety. Or the ever popular "My your hands are full."

But I've noticed a trend in the comments from my young momma friends and even the ones I meet while I'm out (twins cause quite the stir and we rarely get through a store without a few stops to chat with random strangers). These are the mommas who are living in the motherhood trenches of sleepless nights, diaper changes, cold meals that were supposed to be eaten hot, training and consistency, school work and home work, etc. These are the mommas who have less than five or six children and they all say the same thing. "I just don't know how you do it."

I honestly get totally awkward when I get this comment. I feel like I should respond with a list of my five secrets. But I have none. Not even one. Or maybe I should give my parenting book recommendations. But I only really use bits and pieces of any parenting book I've read.

Or I could show you my daily planner filled with tips on organizing your life. But most days I can't even remember where I put my planner much less tell you what I've written in it. I always leave those conversations wishing I would have had the words to encourage the mommas where they are in their journey.

I've thought about what I do that may be different or helpful because I want to be an encouragement. But really I just do what I need to do (or as much as I can).

The reality is that it's not the "how" in what I do. It's the "why." And I bet you know why I do all of this.

Because it's why you do all that you do. Because you love your babies fiercely and want the best for them just like I do for mine.

All that how business doesn't matter. Not when you put your mind to the why. When we remember why we do this motherhood thing we just do what needs to be done because we love our kids.

 I have to remind myself of this when I'm overwhelmed with the "how am I going to do this" feelings. Which, in full disclosure, happens often.

We are Super Mommas because we super love our kids. Not because we are always super at everything we do. We still yell at our kids, forget about the smelly laundry, and burn the dinner. We don't always get the how part right. But I bet you always get the why part right.

And we need to remember these two things.

1. Children are so quick to forgive. (Remember Jesus wants us to be like them for a reason)

2. 1 Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins."

And it does. And we love our children deeply. And they love us deeply. And that's our why.

I pray that this makes sense (because I'm writing from a very sleep deprived state) and that it encourages you in your journey. Because it is just that. Yours. And it won't necessarily look like anyone else's. You've got this.

Be blessed, friends.

Monday, January 12, 2015

On My Nightstand

I don't have many opportunities to read right now, but when I do this is the stack I'm working on.

Practical Theology for Women
I've read through part of this book and have wanted to finish. I don't quite know how to explain it, but I'm kind of feeling like I need a bit more "Why" behind my relationship with my Savior. I want to go from an emotional relationship to a foundational one. Make sense?

Mocking Jay & Catching Fire
I'm so late to the game with this series. Honestly, I had planned to boycott the whole thing. We ended up watching the first movie after it was out on DVD and I fell in love. I still didn't get around to starting the books until just before this last Christmas, though. I'm loving them! I usually like to read the book before I watch the movie, but with this series I feel like having watched the movies is bringing the books to life more for me.

People. Seriously. If you are totally in love with your normal, safe, comfy, American Christian life then DON'T read this book! But I'm in love and hooked. HH just shakes his head at me. And he's glad that 99% of our belongings are in storage because it makes it much harder for me to just give it all away to the poor. Which is good because, even though de-cluttering our home is a favorite past time of mine, those in need really have greater needs then my storage container of crap. And this book is helping me see that. Seriously. Read it. And then read her book 7. And then invite me over to de-clutter your house. Since mine is all packed away and unavailable.

Growing in Prayer
HH always says that if he didn't get married by a certain age he had plans to go live in the mountains and become a recluse mountain man. Thankfully I snatched him up before that happened. And if I wasn't living my #1 dream life my second choice would be living at the International House of Prayer in Kansas. Of course I didn't find out about IHOP until HH and I had met. Then when I went to IHOP for a six month internship we were already together and I knew I was gonna come back home and marry that hunk of a man and have a zillion of his babies. But HH and I both know that a piece of my heart stayed in the prayer room. The thing is I suck at praying. For me worship is how I communicate and relate to God most clearly. But I really want to have a stronger prayer life. This book is an answer to a desire I've had for a long time.

As much as I would love to read these books in the next few months, most likely it will take me at least half the year. I'm trying super hard to devote my days to my kids and hubby and reserve my time for reading, computer, and tv for the evenings after the kids are asleep. But that only works when the babies cooperate. ;)

Are you reading anything interesting? What's on your nightstand?