Friday, February 15, 2013

My First InstaFriday

I love reading Jodi's InstaFriday posts. So this week I decided to join in on the fun. Since I'm fairly new to Instagram and this is my first InstaFriday I decided to post my favorites since I joined.

Oh how she melts me. 

Such. Stinkin'. Good. Truth.

Schoolin'. This fella sure is silly. And absolutely adorable.

One of Jackson's favorite play areas. The tupperware cupboard. I've long since given up the hope of perfectly stacked tupperware. HH doesn't deal with it as often so when he does he usually fixes everything. If the cupboard starts to bug me I ask HH to put something away in hopes that he gets frustrated enough to sort and stack. No joke. He still hasn't caught on to this little trick. Let's keep it 'tween us. M'kay?

This little fella figured out how to scootch his chair across the room while he's still buckled in. At first I found him next to the towel drawer emptying the contents onto the floor. Then he found the fridge. The fun never ends.

His and Hers coffee. Running errands with HH and the kids has it's perks. See the cigar in the background? That's been in my van since hunting season. It was supposed to be a victory smoke but there was no victory. But why is it still in my  Mommy Mobile?

The fun never ends I tell you. 

This is Jackson buckling his high chair...while laying on the table. Buckling his seats is a new hobby. One day I should count how many times I get him down from the top of the kitchen table. Dude climbs fast!

We made tortilla snowflakes! They were nummy and easy. A perfect snack/project combo.

"Guck!" I'm the mean mom who takes pictures of her kids being stuck before she helps them out. This child has the most "stuck" photos yet. 

Heart. Melting. She's so much fun. And so perfect. Sometimes such a little girl and then suddenly so grown up.

Yummy Taco Soup. Yummy.

My Love bringing me Love on V-day. He spoils me.

How was your week? Got some pics to share? Join me in linking up. And find me on Instagram: @pistolsnprincesses.

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Din said...

You're so fancy! Loved seeing all of these again! Jackson is sure giving you a run for your monies!!

Jodi said...

Yay! I loved this... your son's antics crack me up and your food makes me hungry! I really laughed at your tupperware cupboard trick though - SMART LADY! ;)

Mindy said...

that first picture is absolutely precious!
Good to meet you!Came by from Life Rearranged.