Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When P-Dub Came To P-Town

or Why Mommy Needs To Get Out More

I've been a recent follower of Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, and her multi-dimensional website for only a few months now. From the beginning I have pitched my tent smack dab in the middle of her blog and ingested every delicious morsel I could get my should-be-cleaning-something eyes on. From this obsession (because, if I'm gonna be honest, that's really what it is) and her honest writing I have grown to feel like P-Dub is a close friend. Apparently, from the comments and chatter I overheard at her cookbook signing yesterday from the other 400 (give or take) women in attendance, I'm not the only one.

Everything anyone had to say to each other about P-Dub the others already new because, hello!, we're all reading the same blog! Even when the MC tried to tell us her plane got delayed in Seattle we all new he was lying because we had all read her post from that morning saying she was in Portland in her hotel already.

From left to right: Person to close to camera, Mom, Summer

My Mom, sister Summer, and I have been planning for this night since P-Dub announced the new addition to her book tour a few weeks back. If you follow her blog (which you should) and have read any of her posts about her previous book signing engagements you would know:

  • Babies are her weakness
  • Especially if they are cute
  • Pregnant women are another weakness
  • Previous book signing attendees have brought homemade treats for her
  • She's hilarious
  • She does an amazing Ethel Merman impersonation
So, in making our plans my sister and I took this knowledge into consideration. Although I do have the most adorable kids on the planet...

I knew that by the time we waited for our turn to have our cookbooks signed not only would they be be sleepy, cranky, and disheveled, but I would look like I'd been through a tornado and barely survived.

They have a bed time for a reason people! ME!

So, no kids. Decision made. Only slight wavering because of extreme cuteness that I am faced with everyday. Especially when Hazel discovered Charlie's pictures in the cookbook and my mom taught her to say, "Poor old Charlie" while making this face:

Poor, old Charlie

So we decide to bring our "bestie" homemade goodies. I made Sleepy House Cookies which are a family (and anyone else who's ever eaten them) favorite. Summer brought a bottle of wine and Fudge Decadence (another fav). It wasn't long before a "friendly" sister competition started between the two of us as to which one P-Dub loves the most. Because she knows us so well and all.

cookies for my "bestie"

Who will win P-Dubs heart?

While we worked our way through the crowd to snatch spots to stand in the back I realized we weren't alone in our idea to bring gifts. Plus we were one-upped by all the cute babies and adorable pregnant women in attendance. Cheaters.

When P-Dub arrived she happened to walk down the isle where we were and I have to say that woman is as beautiful and friendly as she seems in her blog posts and interviews. When she was next to us my mom kept telling me to reach out and touch her. I didn't. I so missed out on an opportunity of a life time. Dang it! Let this be a lesson to you young whipper snappers: Always listen to your Mom!

Summer offering me abc gum (funny face)

Summer offering me abc gum (practiced posed face)

Summer trying to ignore her irritating younger sister

I enjoyed the Q&A time before the book signing commenced. Especially the Ethel Merman impersonation. We had a long wait before we got our books signed. I was number 307 out of 340 tickets.

Person to close to the camera with her cookbook (Does anyone else notice the phone holder the lady in the green shirt has? Reminds me of a few of my aunts...)

We used that time wisely, of course. We got coffee at the Starbucks where P-Dub's MIL and daughter got their coffee. I know. Cool, huh? You envy me. Admit it.

We were then grateful to find three empty chairs in the event area. While we waited we: looked through Cake Wrecks book and laughed so hard I cried, tried to decide if the person sitting in front of us kissing the woman next to him/her was a him or a her (Welcome to Portland, ya'll!), and counted how many times the woman behind us said, "Well, like I said" when she was talking to her friends. Loudly. But she stopped playing my game and I got bored with her and so we came up with ways to make a lasting impression on P-Dub. These are the ones I can remember:

  • Faint when I get up to the table (There may be a story about that happening at my Gpa's funeral. Not on purpose, of course. But I was wearing a short dress.)
  • Use my "extra skin" to make myself look pregnant
  • Make a list of the similarities between me and P-Dub (ie. excessive seating when nervous, habit of taking pics of hubbies tush, love for butter and wine, her name is Ree which is the last part of my name and one of my nicknames, Broadway show tunes etc. ect. ect.)
I'm sure she would have enjoyed my list. I decided, instead, to ask her about her plans for a children's book staring Charlie and told her about Hazel's face she makes when talking about his pictures. Hazel is going to be so excited when it comes out in the next year. I also asked her to sign Charlie's picture for Hazel.

Summer tried to out do me by having P-Dub sign her book to: My very best friend Summer Bryan. Though that's what Summer's books says, she doesn't have proof that it was signed by P-Dub because P-Dub didn't actually write her own name. Also, if they were best friends P-Dub wouldn't be using Summers last name! Amateur.

Ree-United and it feels so good

Notice the use of first name only. Hmmm...I wonder who her best friend is?

Poor, old Charlie

We had a great evening together and can't wait for the next one. Here's that cookie recipe:

Sleepy House Cookies
Cream together:

3 C brown sugar
2 C butter softened to room temp
2 eggs
set aside

4&1/4 C flour
2 tsp soda
1 Tbl cinnamon
2 tsp ginger
1 tsp salt

Add to creamed mixture then add:
2 C chopped pecans
3 C chocolate chips
2 tsp vanilla
Mix well

Refrigerate dough for about 2 hrs.
Roll 1'' balls into powdered sugar and bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes.
We like to make all the dough into balls rolled in the powdered sugar and then freeze them to use when we have company or an emergency craving. Enjoy!