Monday, February 11, 2013

"Til My Sides Hurt: How Random

While I was putting clothes away in my room Hazel came to chat with me. She started the conversation off with. "Mom, do you know what I call Jackson? I call him Fat Baby. But not like fat fat. Just like chubby baby. I'm not being mean I just like my brother. I love him and I never get to be with him."

"Hazel, that's not true. You are with him all day every day."

"Well, 'sept when I'm in trouble."

"And why do you get in trouble?"

"When I'm dis'bedient. 'Cause guess what, Mom. You never wear dresses all the time. Like in the days when we are home you never wear dresses. Like today you won't even get dressed."

"Hazel. I've been working all morning and just haven't gotten dressed yet."

And then she got distracted by the pile of hangers on my bed.


Summer Bryan said...

She is really into this dress vs pants thing lately! Love her chatter, thanks for the little peak into a precious moment!

LaFonda Dunlap said...

Oh to funny and oh so precious!