Wednesday, January 2, 2013

'Til My Sides Hurt: Abiah, Hazel, and Amelia

My kitchen wall has been collecting post-it notes of kid funnies for a few weeks now. I've discovered that for now it is the best way for me to remember the hilarious things they say so I can then share them with you all. Enjoy!

"Mom, dad doesn't like cottage cheese 24/7, but I like cottage cheese

Leaning her head towards me: "Mom, feel my temper. I got sick from the temper outside."

Leaving from music class behind another vehicle: "Why is she in front of us?
Me: "Well, she left first."
Hazel: "Crazy woman driver!"

On helping mommy out: "Mom! Come see your bathroom! It's squeaked and cleaned!"

Learning about food from a different culture: "Mom, I want Efinofian food!"

On learning to love 'chuthers:

Hazel: "Maybe I can punch Abiah in the face."

Me: "Hey! Don't be nasty."

Hazel: "No. I mean when I grow up."

Using her manners: "Mom, may I have an unscused?"

Learning to use her hands to love 'chuthers:
Me: "Amelia, did you hit your sister?
Amelia: "I dust wailed her!"
Me: "What does that mean?"
Amelia: "It means peoples is not being mean to 'chuthers!"

Singing a song:
Amelia: "I love the way you hold me. Body shaking everysing!"
Me: What?!?

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Hannah said...

Oh my goodness!! this had us all laughing this morning :)
And I love the new version of "I love the Way You Hold me" ;)