Monday, November 7, 2011

'Til My Sides Hurt: A Daddy Funny

Hot Hubby is a fairly conservative guy. He doesn't like attention being drawn to him. Or the people he's with. So, it's perfect that he's married to me. The one who likes to blog the details of our life. And it's also perfect that he has four kids who draw attention wherever they go. Usually it's because of their inexplicable cuteness, but occasionally because of their naughtiness.

But sometimes when they draw attention from others it's Hot Hubby's fault. And it makes me laugh. And it makes me wonder if karma is real.

Case in point, a week ago Sunday. We were heading in to town to run errands before a family birthday gathering. Knowing that lunch time was soon approaching, Abiah asked, "What are we going to eat for lunch?"

The answer he got from Hot Hubby? "Poop! We're gonna eat poop! Just like we do everyday!"

The kids giggled at the "potty talk". Then they spent about 20 minutes trying to find a way to incorporate the word "poop" into their conversation so as to get away with the "potty talk".

"Jackson, look at this poop-poo-gaga!"

"We're going to eat a poop sandwich."

"No you're going to eat poop!"

"Mom, we're going to eat poop!"

After a few "mom looks" and firm reminders of the fate of those who use potty talk from the parent who has been on a mission to curb the potty talk in the house, the poop left the conversation. Though I ended up forgetting about the conversation, the kids didn't.


Me either.

A few hours later we were sitting in Wendy's eating lunch. Though the dining area wasn't full, the majority of the patrons were older couples and groups. And it was fairly quiet. So the people around us could hear EVERYTHING our kids said. Which really isn't so difficult since they tend to talk IN ALL CAPS anyways.

A few minutes into our meal Amelia stood up on the bench she was sitting on and asked, "AW WE EATING POOP?!?"

"Shhhhhh, no we aren't. Sit down, please." I answered.


And Hot Hubby turned a few shades of red. And I wondered about karma.


Mel Mell said...

Ahhhahahahahahaha!!!!!! Love it! :-D

Next Generation Ministries said...

It couldn't have happened to nicer or more shy person ... ever! But, totally deserved. Love the smile that is still on my face. Thanks Nathan.

Jodi said...

Bahaha, love it :)