Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Sixth Love Language

You may have heard of The Five Love Languages; a book written by Gary Chapman. It's been out for many years now and a great help to many marriages. I know that personally, Hot Hubby and I have benefited from the nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book. I even got the Love Language Book for children.

In the last few years I have referred back to that book too many times to count. And it has proven to be helpful. I just felt a need to get it out there that I think there is one Love Language that Gary failed to cover. Maybe it stands out to me because it's just as vital to my everyday living as my native tongue.

The Love Language of Coffee.

There really isn't much of anything that speaks to my heart the way a god cup of strong coffee does. Hot Hubby has blessed me many a time by stopping just to get me coffee. When it's my idea and he complies I like it. When it's his idea I LOVE it!

So, when I woke to find this on the counter this morning I was elated:

Especially since I was up at 4:30 yesterday morning with his kids, and then again multiple times throughout the night with his kids again. Hot Hubby earned himself a few bonus points for that one, let me tell you. And it just tastes so much better when someone else makes it!

So, Mr. Chapman, I love the book. I really do. I just think you may want to revise it to include the data I've personally researched and so thoroughly documented here.


Shiree aka The Spoiled Wife of Hot Hubby


Din said...

Awwwww, what a sweetie!

Hannah said...

I like that you said "god cup of coffee" instead of good ;) it's very fitting.....

Amanda Evans said...

Aw, he's sweet! But I think you're turning coffee into an idol... (see previous comment.)

pistolsnprincesses said...

Haha! Well, it was a typo but, Hannah, you are right very fitting. Amanda, It's more like "a cup of coffee that God made". But you still may be right!