Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Til My Sides Hurt: The Threat

This morning Hot Hubby pulled out a puzzle and started putting it together with the help of the kids. Which means he and Abiah put the puzzle together while Hazel worked hard at making what-ever piece she could find fit into what-ever place she could squeeze it and Amelia ran around in a pink tutu torturing Jackson with kisses and hugs as he rolled around on the floor trying to escape from her.

At one point the girls lost interest and started watching The Princess Diaries 2 which left the guys to themselves for a few minutes. After taking a break from the movie for breakfast Hazel momentarily lost interest in the movie and continued her attempt at puzzle making. Abiah, having taken the mindset that the puzzle was his and Hot Hubby's project, kept attempting to remind Hazel of her movie.

"Hazel, weren't you watching Princess Diaries?"

"Hazel, didn't you want to watch your movie?"

She kept replying with comments about finishing the puzzle and needing to put on a pretty dress first, but the reminders kept coming and eventually Hazel got fed up and said, "Abiah, if you don't stop saying that to me I'm not going to play in your room tomorrow!"

Laughing, Abiah replied, "That's actually what I want!"


Rachel said...

Ha! That's awesome. Poor girl, she's going to have to learn some better consequences to dole out on her brother!

Din said...

:) She is the second child.. as well as your daughter. Being the oldest child and your sister, I see how this "threat" made sense to her!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Ha! You so funny. You make me raff! Little did you know I would worm my way into your heart. Now you miss me!