Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confessions. Brought to you by the letter D.

Confession #1: Last night Hot Hubby had to convince me to have salad for Dinner. How backwards is that?! The reason? Juanita's. Juanita's are the best tortilla chips ever!

I had plans to make taco salad for dinner. The whole reason I made that decision was because of the Juanita's. And fresh guacamole. So, while I stood at the counter facing the two heads of lettuce and a can of olives that needed to be chopped on one side of me and the bag of chips and bowl of guacamole on the other, I decided that it would be easier to throw some cheese on the chips and call it Nacho Night.

I was pretty shocked when Hot Hubby protested. So I ate salad. Because I had to.

Confession #2: I just realized this last weekend that it is my job to make sure my family gets into the Dentist for their routine cleanings. I don't know the source of that brain fart, especially since I make sure to get my kids in for their routine Pediatric visits.

The revelation came after I heard about a mom taking all of her kids in for their teeth cleaning and I caught myself wishing that my kids could do that. Duh! They can! And now some of them have.

Hazel and Amelia went in yesterday morning. Since I had all four in tow I was skeptical about how the morning would turn out. Especially since the girls starting protesting the visit the moment I told them about it Monday afternoon.Hazel did get excited for a minute when she thought she would get glasses like Amelia. But she was back to protesting after I explained the difference between a dentist and an eye doctor.

When the nurse called Hazel's name in the waiting room there was a moment of clear hesitation where she hid behind my leg. And then in a split second she was marching toward the nurse, her teddy bear, Pinkie, in tow. Before we all got back to the exam chairs Hazel had given the nurse her full name and the history of Pinkie the teddy bear. Then she walked right up to the chair and climbed on.

She was so brave and confident. And I think she rather liked the experience. Amelia was just as brave, but not as talkative. The only disappointment for them was that they didn't get new toothbrushes. Thankfully I had a princess one and a lady bug one stashed away here at home.

Abiah is already looking forward to his appointment at the end of the month. Thankfully I remembered to take him in before so he's a pro already. Hot Hubby on the other hand may be more difficult to convince than the girls were. Maybe it will be easier if I promise him a new pretty princess toothbrush afterward...


Din said...

Did you SEE my FB ss post yesterday!? Prolly not.. but it was about the temptress Juanita.. apparently, it's a generational sin, mom is hooked too! ;)
Good job being responsible about the Dentist. I forgot too when my kids were little.. I just realized the eye Dr was a responsibility as well.. just a heads up! <3

pistolsnprincesses said...

Generational is right! Gma J would have totally jumped on this band wagon. As far as the vision thing goes, I'm waiting until the other Dr bills slow down before introducing that one. I think it would be too much for HH. For now Mills and I will be the only ones doing that appointment.