Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Big

Hazel is on a mission. A mission to be BIG. As in age. Not weight. She just turned four last month and in the months leading up to her birthday she spent a majority of the time following me around the house asking me if she could do something BIG.

Of course when I would actually give her a task she would whine the whole time and complain that it wasn't a BIG job. My kids have helped with chores or responsibilities since they could begin to put the toys back on the shelf. Gradually I have added more responsibilities for each child as fits their age and capabilities.

Outside of cleaning up after herself, Hazel currently helps with: vacuuming, unloading the dishwasher, folding towels, and taking the recycling out. But this is not enough for her. Which is great. I'm just lost trying to find more for her to do that I know she can actually do.

One struggle I have is incorporating my kids into my cooking. Partially because it's more work. Partially because I am horrible at delegating. But Honestly, it's mostly control. I like my kitchen to be a certain way and I like to prepare food to look and taste a certain way. But I also want my kids to have a love for and knowledge of cooking.

So we started. With cutting olives. It's the cutest thing. The olives are pretty much just smooshed in half. But her pudgy fingers trying to hold the butter knife make my heart sing. And it's pretty dang cute when she tries to sneak an olive.

This week we are going to attempt cookies. I don't know if much of the batter will make it to the oven. But I can guarantee she'll be giggling with excitement the whole time.

What are some BIG activities you do to include your children? Let us know in the comment section below!


Din said...

#1 You're awesome. I love your blog.. sorry I've missed things lately.
#2 Hazel is TOO much adorableness for three photos in a row.. I think it distracts people from commenting.
#3 BIG jobs I let my kids help with? Well, They are rather large in comparison to your children. We also started with olives, lettuce is good too. Na has been ironing. Ethan started running the lawn mower last summer. Jesse, seeing as he's my favorite.. he isn't required to work. ;) And Annah, most every job she does is BIG for her, but, she is in charge of the bathroom sinks, she makes my bed sometimes.. and, she vacuums the stairs, we call her Cindy. :)

pistolsnprincesses said...

#1 I totally understand. #2 Isn't she though. She's currently throwing a fit though. It kind of takes away from all the cute. #3 Lol! Annah is a cute Cindy. And you better watch out or you'll find yourself with a 40 year old Jesse Guy living in your basement playing video games all day! :)