Monday, January 11, 2010

Funny, Funny, Funny

Today Hazel was playing with me on the couch and saw a journal of mine sitting behind me. "Nanna gib you, Momma?" (Did Edna give that to you, Momma?)
"No. Maga gave that to me."
"Maga gib you? ...Maga seye gooth!" (Maga's a silly goose!)


Abiah has known for sometime now that Nathan had a doll when he was a little boy. However, it confuses Abiah that Nathan tells him not to play with dolls because they are for girls. So he decided he was going to get even with his dad.

Abiah came into the kitchen dressed up in his sister's fairy wings, skirt and head dress holding the fairy wand and announced to me that he's gonna just dress like a fairy since daddy won't let him play with dolls.


Tonight we were praying for a family who has the chicken pox and Abiah prayed, "I know your going to heal them....reeeeeally slow. 'Cause you've got too much to do in one day."

And I had just been thinking, "Ah, to have faith like a child."


LaFonda Dunlap said...

Oh my goodness, these are too funny! How does Nathan feel about Abiah playing with a doll now? Oh the innocence of a child!

Hazel is way to cute and I can hardly believe she is talking so well!

I had just been thinking that it had been a while since you had blogged, so it was great to have another one to read. You do a wonderful job!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Thanks Mom. I tried to call you tonight when I was writing this out to tell you about Abiah's prayer and when you didn't answer I figured you'd probably read it tonight. Glad you enjoyed it.

christy rose said...

Awwww! Too Sweet! That is funny that Abiah came in dressed in a fairy outfit. That is pretty clever on his part, to aggravate his daddy like that. I love the name Abiah. It is so unique! I have a son named Josiah. That is pretty uncommon too. But I have heard it more since he was born. But I have never heard of Abiah before. I just love it!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Thank you Christy. Abiah is a clever boy. He keeps us on our toes for sure. His name means "My Father is the Lord." We've never heard it either. It's in the Old Testament somewhere though. Thanks for reading!

Steadyongal said...

I can TOTALLY see, or hear, Nathan using the word fairy to refer to something other than a being with wings. Hilarious that he didn't dress up in chef's clothes or something simply girlish.. ha!

Jeannie Riseling said...

Hi, I loved your blog, now that you mom showed me how to get it up I will be reading more. So keep it up.
Love you, Nanna

pistolsnprincesses said...

Oh, My Nanna! How exciting to have you here with us! Glad you get to stop by more. I hope you enjoy!