Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Barbaric Hubby

Nathan has a four day weekend this week. We are taking the first two days to be together, sleep in, and finish painting our living room. We shipped the kids off to their Noni and Poppi's house yesterday and actually got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It was beautiful. When we got up this morning we decided to have brunch at the local cafe.

Now, we live in a small town. A small hick town. Small like no stop lights. Just a yellow blinky one. I would love to say that the cafe is as cute as Luke's from Gilmore Girls. But it's not. It is definitely a decent place to eat and the owners are sweet and wonderful. But it fits the town it's in.

When we went to breakfast there were only a few people there. At the table across from us were four guys. One was old enough to be the other three's dad. They were the type of guys you totally expect to see in a small backwoods town. Cut of chew in the bottom lip, dirty baseball hat and all.

When they went to leave they almost forgot their caps/hats and two of the guys came back to grab them. The younger one asked the older man, "Why are we leaving all our stuff here?" As they passed our table the man replied, "Because we're civilized and take our hats off when we're in the house."

I, of course, started to giggle. One: They looked like they could be related to Larry the Cable Guy! And two: we were in a restaurant not a house.

After they left I looked at Nathan to give him that "did you hear that?" smile and I realize he's wearing a hat! The guy was talking about Nathan! We both had a good laugh about it.

I know I'm prejudice because he's my hubby, but he's more civilized than I am most of the time. And he's hot!


I told Nathan this was definitely blogging material even though he doesn't like me to talk about him on here. I also think it's a perfect time for some of my favorite pics of him.

Swimming with the kids.

Singing in the car.

Fishing with Abiah. Note the hat. But he's outside so it's okay.

Rocking the babies.


LaFonda Dunlap said...

Okay, so I was reading this blog of yours out loud to your father and when I got to the part about "cause we're civilized and take our hats off in the house". This is when your father burst into laughter and said " cause Nathan had his hat on". Pretty funny! Nice job describing our little hick town!
Oh and I love the new picture of your beautiful children!

pistolsnprincesses said...

That's funny. We laughed pretty hard ourselves. And thanks about the kids. Millie looks so stinkin' tiny in the picture though. Doesn't seem like she could have changed that much since this fall.

joettafort said...

I always think it's disgusting when they put their dirty hats on the table, and wish they'd keep them on their head. Now, if you tell about Nathan wearing a 'wife beater' to a restaurant, I'll loose all respect.

christy rose said...

Great story!
I love the picture of him rocking the girls. How sweet!!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Aunt Joetta, I just remembered this morning that one of the guys put his hat on the floor! Dirty, yucky and gross! I think the best place is the back of the chair or left on the head. We went back there this morning and there were many guys wearing hats so Nathan didn't have to feel so uncivilized. ;)