Friday, January 29, 2010

The Letter We Never Want To Write

To My Life-long Companion and Dear Friend Sugar,

Let me begin by telling you how much I adore and love you. Your sweet kisses and sugary hugs have always been a ray of sunshine to me. And though I've missed you terribly these last few weeks, as our 30 days apart comes to an end I've decided that we can't and shouldn't see so much of each other anymore. At least not as much as we used to.

Though our daily, and sometimes twice to three times daily, encounters were lovely they always left me feeling tired, lazy and round. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not banishing you from my life completely. I would never do that to you, dear friend. I've just realized that when we see each other all the time you become controlling and I become needy. And we both know that's not what we want for our relationship.

I look forward to seeing you after the 1st of February. But please be kind to us both and make this easier by not coming around so often. And I will do my part by not inviting you over when we pass in the market or at gatherings with our friends.

Until February,



LaFonda Dunlap said...

Very Cute! Very Funny! Very True! You've done a great job on your separation, hope your boundaries for your new relationship is all you hope it to be!

melodyofamom said...

Man...I wish I had your willpower.

pistolsnprincesses said...

@ melodyofamom: All I have to say is the spirit is willing but my flesh is soooo weak. Working on some daily exercises helps though! I take it one brownie at a time! :)

Rachel said...

Yikes!!! I totally need to, but can't seem to make myself, do this...