Friday, January 22, 2010

The Good, The Bad &The Ugly, And More Good

The Good:

Hazel had taken her pajamas off (again!) and was trying to zip them up. She got frustrated with the zipper and said, "Toopid fing!"


When Hazel rocks Dolly to sleep she sings, "Hazo Gace, Hazo Gace Bess my baby fo ehbo."
Just like her momma sings to her.


When Hazel was going potty today she told me she'd gone potty and then said, "It on my bottom. No touth it. Derms down der." At least I know she's listening!

The Bad & The Ugly:

Hazel realized she's two. This week. She's been two for about three months. But she must not have realized what that entailed. Until this week.

She and I had our first "Say, 'yes, Momma'" fight the other night. FOR 20 MINUTES! I would almost give in to her blood curdling, ear piercing scream when she'd stop abruptly and say, "I want fisy caka."

And when she would wail, "I don't want to say yes Momma" I knew she was just being defiant. And I know I have to deal with that now. Instead of waiting until she's thirteen and has a larger vocabulary to be sassy with.

I was so relieved when she finally and suddenly fell into my arms in a heap of sweat, tears, snot and the most intoxicating smell of baby's breath and said, "Yes Momma!"

I almost cried.

And More Good:

Since Hazel is potty training her doll named Dolly is potty training too, of course. Today she announced that Dolly needed to go potty. Not wanting her to bring her doll anywhere near the bathroom (ew gross!) I told her that Dolly can pretend to use the potty in the corner of the coat closet. After propping Dolly up in the corner and giving her a good 15 seconds to do her business, Hazel exclaimed, "Dolly go potty!" I clapped and cheered and congratulated Dolly on her success.

Later on when it was Hazel's turn to use the real potty and we were waiting for business to happen she reminded me that Dolly went potty toilet. I tried to encourage Hazel to follow in Dolly's footsteps. She reminded me that she gets candy for going potty on the toilet and then, with big brown eyes peeping through scraggly curls she asked, "Dowy cany too?"

I told her that Dolly can have a piece of pretend candy and "gave" her a piece from my pocket. She held it in her upturned right hand for a few seconds. Then switched it to her left.

She looked at me very seriously and said, "I not eat Dowy cany." I told her that I thought that was very nice and that she could just hold it for Dolly until we were done in the bathroom.

Within a few seconds of me saying that she looked at me slyly, giggled and said, "I wan eat Dowy cany!" Right as I started to say she should save it for dolly, she popped the imaginary candy right in her mouth and gobbled it up. Then she threw back her curly head and laughed the laugh that makes me want to wrap her in my arms and cover her in kisses.


Julie Waterbury said...

oh my goodness! How precious, precious, precious. Thank you so much for sharing.

Julie Waterbury said...
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Julie Waterbury said...
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Julie Waterbury said...
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LaFonda Dunlap said...

She is a picture of beauty, on the inside and out! You are doing an amazing job with your children. Thank you for capturing and sharing these precious, and not so precious memories. Love mom

Rachel said...

That's adorable!! I so love that age (except for the stubbornness part, but at least that ended sweetly). They say the best things!!

pistolsnprincesses said...

They do say the best things. They are so fresh and uncensored at this age. I makes for lots of laughs and a few embarrassing moments.