Thursday, December 31, 2009

For Hannah: Justification 101 Class Is In Session

My dear friend Hannah is in Africa on a way-to-long-extended three month trip. I've know Hannah since she was born and, as one of her babysitters, had a front row seat watching her and her three crazy brothers grow up. And now she watches my kids for me.

Hannah isn't just my kids babysitter though. She has become one of my friends. And as someone 14 years her senior I have taken it upon myself to impart tidbits of wisdom into her life. (I know. I'm just all kinds of generous.) She has been a fine student. Always attentive and eager to learn.

The main topic I started teaching her this last summer is justifications. The good kind. To me. I'll give you an example.

I got up one morning and exercised before going to a chiropractor appointment where I had physical therapy and was forced instructed to do these awful butt-lift crunches. I was pretty proud of myself just for getting up and exercising and, of course, was planning to reward myself with some ice cream that evening (justification #1). But after those crunches from hell I was totally okay with having an extra scoop of ice cream (justification #2). Plus it was half the fat ice cream which made it totally okay to have a smidgen more (justification #3). Like Pooh's smidgen. Not Rabbits.

So, to sum up, three justifications in one story. Ice cream for exercising. Extra ice cream for the extra exercise and more extra ice cream for eating half the fat ice cream. You got it? Okay.

So, I went to buy some groceries for making my Christmas goodies and found the next justification lesson just waiting to be taught. Since Hannah is in Africa I figured I could write to her here and you all could eavesdrop on our conversation.

So, Hannah, we've made plans to make those Cappuccino cookies I told you about when you get home and I think you'll really like them. I like them but want to leave the cinnamon out this time. I really don't like cinnamon with chocolate. Anyways, when I bought the chocolate chip (Nestle of course) I was pleased with what I saw on the label. Let me show you.

Do you see it? Here's a close up.

That's right! ALL NATURAL! You know what that means? It means that it's totally okay to have another cookie or two when you use these chocolate chips because they are good for you! Genius, right? I know. So, now you just have to hurry up and come home so we can start the baking.

We miss you, girly, and know you are right where you are supposed to be. But we still want you to come home. And now I leave you with pictures of my adorable children to help entice you all the more.

(Abiah's "homeschooler" look. Oh, and notice the color of the walls? New paint!)

(Hazel. Yes. Those are her training pants outside her clothes. She got into the laundry. Clean laundry.)

(Amelia's favorite past time. Freaking mommy out. She thinks it's pretty funny. I think she's pretty cute.)


Steadyongal said...

Very well said! And your homeschooler son and pj'd girlie are WAY to stinking cute! Molie, is growing her dare devil gene she inherited from Hazel who inherited it from you!

Hannah said...

I love it when you take it upon yourself to educate me.... especially these justification lessons!!
I'm totally for using those all natural choco chips... but even if we didn't use them, I think it'd be ok, because I've had practially no chocolate since being here... yet another justification.
Oh and I'm all for no cinnomon with the chocolate too!!
Give them adorable kids of yours big fat kisses from me. And tell them I'll be home really really soon.
Love you so much Shiree. I'm really missing you and can't wait to see you again!!

LaFonda Dunlap said...

Well, I don't know where in the heck you learned all this justification. This is the meaning I was given about justification, "just as if it never happened".Seems like that would mean a few more cookies!Ya think?

LaFonda Dunlap said...

Oh and those kids are totally adorable!