Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Til My Sides Hurt

The kids are talking at the dinner table and this is the point of the conversation that I pick up on:

Hazel: Jesus and his elves made the world.

Abiah: Jesus doesn't have elves.

Amelia: God made Ho, Ho, Ho and his elves.

Abiah: Santa didn't make anything.

Hazel: Yes! Jesus!


Jackson climbs up on Abiah's bed and starts singing to him. "Hush little baby. Don't say word. Momm gonna buy you a diamond ring. If that diamond ring turn brass, Momma gonna buy you a Monkey Bird!"


Hazel is coloring her school work with a marker and begins to hold her nose. I'm leaning close to her so I can see what she is doing. She looks my way and says, "Do you know why I'm doing this?"

"No. Why?"

"Because. I farted."


Jackson, "Mom, can you make me a swanich?"


During our morning devotions we read about fear and asking Jesus to help us when we are afraid. After the reading I ask the kids, "Is there anything you are afraid of that you can ask Jesus to help you with?"

Amelia was the first to reply, "Ummmmmm, lions and tigers."


I was holding Jackson and I burped (thank you, Coke!). Jackson said, "That was burp! I love that burp! It was scusting!"


During morning devotions we were talking about keeping our eyes on Jesus.

Abiah said he didn't understand how we can keep our eyes on Jesus if we can't see him. I tried to explain that when we are tempted to sin or are scared we can choose to think about Jesus and let him help us. I said, "Keeping our eyes on Jesus means we can keep our heart focused on Jesus."

Abiah: "Oh. I didn't know my heart had eyes."

Jackson when counting anything: "One, two, free, four, six, seven, eight!"


Hazel was giving us a geography lesson during dinner one night. "Africa is a place where there's lots of zombies!"

#homeschoolingrocks ;)

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