Thursday, January 23, 2014

'Til My Sides Hurt: The Telephone Guys

So, apparently our little phone company has switched to fiber-optics and they are making a slow move up our street to switch the houses one-by-one. I got a phone call yesterday morning and we set up a time for them to come make the switch. I was pretty excited because I had showered and was fully dressed...NOT in yoga pants. And that was before they had even called. Also the house was in decent order because we had a showing the previous night.

The two men showed up at the appointed time, which just happened to be when I was just finishing school with Hazel, Abiah was working on school in the other room, and Amelia and Jackson were napping. Perfect! They can get in, get it done, and there won't be too much chaos.

As I was talking to the Phone guys about the logistics of what they were doing, why, and where, I was vaguely aware of the fact that Hazel was running around behind the younger of the two guys. She was giggling and snickering, but she tends to do that when she's embarrassed and I just figured strangers = embarrassed. Nope.

Right as they walk out the door to begin their task, she starts after them and says something about the stickers. Thankfully she stopped when I called her, and even more thankfully, they didn't hear her.

She explains to me that while I was talking to the guys she snuck up behind "the little one", as she called him, and placed three small smiley face stickers on him. One on his back, one on his leg (calf), and one on his butt!!!

Oh. Don't worry. She assured me she didn't actually touch his butt. She just put the sticker on a fold of the fabric of his pants.


I couldn't help it. I laughed. And I couldn't stop. Especially when he'd come in the house and walk past us with three stickers stuck on his back side. Abiah was a fit of giggles too. It was quite ridiculous. And hilarious! Especially since she can be super shy. Girl sure knows how to pick her moments! And, boy, is she proud of herself.

Amelia stole my phone and there are tons of pictures of the two of them like this.

We were talking about it later in the evening with HH and I told him about Hazel reassuring me that she didn't actually touch his butt, just the fabric.

Me: "He was wearing Carrhart overall things over his clothes, so I'm sure he didn't feel it."

HH: "Were the quilted?"

Me: "Well...I didn't feel his clothing, so... I'm not sure."

HH: "Well, that's good to know."

Abiah: "Ask Hazel. She should know."

And then Abiah and I were back to fits of laughter.


Who says home schoolers are socially awkward? What!?!?


Jodi said...

Hehehe, this made me laugh :)

Terence Wright said...

After reading this I had to double check my backside, since she stayed the night last night. Thank goodness I was safe. I have not been stickered.....yet. :)