Friday, May 25, 2012

This week's inspiration. Brought to you by...

Sometimes I think I could post link after link on Facebook of all the blog posts I read throughout the week that I enjoy. Instead I thought it might be a good idea to just bunch them together here for you to peruse. Most of these posts are from this week but I thought I might add a few in from the past few weeks that I'm still thinking about.

In Over My Head
This is a post by a friend who is currently living in Uganda, Africa. I cried last night as I read through this. One, because I miss my friends. Two, because of the clear picture that was drawn for me. And three, because I am amazed at how this story relates to so many different areas of life. And also, I really miss my friends.

The Read-Aloud Challenge
I LOVE books! I have a not so secret dream of having a library in my house. It may seem excessive for my little farm house but I'm sure I could make it work. In the meantime I have a big ol' shelf that is designated as the library. I just bought two book sets for Abiah to read through for this next school year but I may have to keep my eye open for some of these suggestions because, well, I LOVE books! Rachel put together a great list of book ideas and all of her friends helped to add many more ideas. I plan to print this list and keep it for a reference when looking for books for my kids.

Ok. This one I did post to Facebook. I laughed so hard, I cried. It's the perfect combination of the honest reality of the internal struggle I go through every.single.night and the hilarious excuses that kids come up with just to stay up for a few more minutes.

On Weaving and Repentance
Another great post from Momastery. I read this and was convicted. I know my relationship with my Mother-in-love is unusually healthy, but I know I've made many mistakes and assumptions and this was a really great reminder for me. I love and appreciate my MIL so much. I'm sad to know that I have disrespected the life that she's spent her time and energy weaving.

When you're mad at your kids and you don't know why...
This post was a prefect reminder for me to set boundaries with my kids. They are my life. And I love that. But I want to love it for a long time. At the same time I felt a check in my heart to make sure I'm not being selfish. Because sometimes when you (I) give so much away for free you (I) can end up feeling taken advantage of. Then you (I) get in defense mode and start demanding more for yourself (myself) or setting your heart to make "sure" no one takes advantage of you.

I really enjoy Jodi's WIWW posts every week. I read them as I sit in my yoga pants and baggy sweater swearing to one day, ONE DAY, wear jeans on a regular basis. I love the color combos and accessories Jodi uses. From this particular post the last three outfits are my favorites. I need to go shopping more. That's the problem...

Did you read something this week that you want to share? Leave a link in the comments below! And have a blessed weekend!


Jodi said...

Well there went the last half hour of my morning... reading every link :) And of course I'm tickled you included myself - that there is some FINE reading! Oh ho hooooo, um, no. ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the shout out!! You're too sweet. :)