Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Speaking of my quirks...

We've talked before about my special quirks or pet peeves. It was a lovely conversation. Today I want to share the latest one that Hot Hubby has been introduced to. It's called Candy Organizing. To help you fully understand I've included some visual aids.

First off, this only happens when I have multi-colored or multi-flavored candy. Secondly, this is not what I would label a pet peeve so much as a quirk.

Okay, so first you have a hand full of candy:

Then you separate them by color, but the groups have to be even so you will have a pile of left-overs:

Now you separate the left-overs into even groups by color:

Now it's time to enjoy them beginning with the smallest groups and ending, of course, with the larger groups:

You can separate these groups into mixtures of flavors:

But only if you leave an even amount:

I also prefer my "boy" flavors to stay with "boy" flavors and the "girl" flavors to stay with the "girls flavors:

 I usually leave the "girl" flavors for last since I like them the best:

Remember that as you go you want to eat the smaller ones first:

For some reason candy is just so much better that way.

Now it's your turn. Fess up! What are some of your food quirks or pet peeves?


DIN said...

I do this to an extent.. but you beat me at being extreme on this one. My current food obsession is being jealous of people who can eat sugar without their body's hating them! ;)

Jon and Vicki Marney said...

I do this too, but it is all done in my hand (or bowl) so nobody else sees what I'm doing...LOL