Monday, May 21, 2012

The Lady Time Beverage

If you are male this post may be a little to much information for you. If you are a married man I highly suggest that you skip to the end, make a steamy mug of this delicious drink, and serve it to your leading lady. She'll thank you. And you'll thank yourself.

As you can tell by the title of this post, we are about to get real comfortable around here. I wouldn't normally choose such a public forum to talk about personal matters but sometimes you come across a gem of information and you just can't help but share. So here.we.go.

I grew up in a female dominated house. Bless my dad's heart, I'm sure he was overwhelmed by the hormone tsunamis that frequented our home. I remember my mom telling us over and over again that hormones were no excuse to be nasty. As real as the emotional roller coaster is I have tried to ride it as gracefully as I can. Tried.

In the last few years I have come to understand more about the female cycle than I knew growing up. Along the way I've purposed to gather tips and bits of information to help myself (and the women around me) balance the way through the monthly cycle. Recently, when I was complaining to a friend about a migraine, she pointed out to me that she tends to get migraines right before her cycle begins. In that moment the dots began to connect and I realized what I was dealing with. Apparently this is a common issue for women.

My friend then shared a tip she had been given to help relieve hormonal migraines. And that is what I'm sharing with you.

The secret? Homemade Hot Chocolate.

I don't mind chocolate, but I really only need it once a month. For about one week. I don't really care for hot chocolate either. But this is not your wimpy store bought hot chocolate. The benefit of this drink is that chocolate reduces inflammatory chemicals, reducing the pressure on the brain and relieving the migraine symptoms.

Here's what you'll need for this treat:

Homemade Hot Chocolate

baking cocoa
sugar or honey
cream or milk
boiling water
your favorite mug

This really isn't a recipe since you kind of have to make it to your own taste, but here's the gist:

Set your water to boil. Pour the amount of milk/cream desired into your mug. If you like your hot chocolate creamy I suggest heating it up in the microwave for a few seconds so everything is nice and warm. When your milk/cream is heated add a heaping soup spoon of cocoa. Since you are using baking cocoa you kind of have to be extreme with the sweetener. Honestly, I start with a few teaspoons and then, after I've added the water, taste and add as needed. I mix all of these ingredients together and then add the hot water. Because of the amount of cocoa used you'll have to continue to stir off and on as you enjoy your treat to keep the cocoa from settling to the bottom of the mug.

I've enjoyed many cups of homemade hot chocolate since I heard about the benefits. I'm still perfecting my personal recipe but so far I know that I like it rich, sweet, creamy, and steamy. Which, consequently, are also some of the qualities I like in Hot Hubby.

Now that we've reached a whole new level of T.M.I. I think it's time to say good bye.

Remember to try this treat the next time you are battling a migraine. And let me know what you think!

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Marie C. said...

Excellent idea! I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing TMI. ;-)