Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That's a moment

The moment on a Friday afternoon when you have emptied the last basket of dirty laundry into the washer feeling good that there won't be any wet clothes or towels sitting over the weekend and then your daughter calls from the bathroom saying that she had an accident. Towels, rugs, clothes all wet fill the basket back up and you have to let it go because you have to go. That's a moment.

The moment you start to get irritated that your one year old is awake from 5am to 6am. But he's not crying. He's just nuzzling your neck and singing. That's a moment.

The moment you hear your husband get home in the early hours of the morning and can tell he's trying to sneak up the creaky stairs so he doesn't wake the kids so he can have a few minutes alone with his woman and he walks in to find at least one but sometimes three chubby babies snuggled under the covers with you and he starts pouting and you remind him that alone time with his woman is what caused this. And you both smile and take in the faces around you. That's a moment.

The moment when your one year old boy starts blowing you kisses even though you didn't teach him how and his 9 year old brother says that he taught the baby how to blow kisses and you realize daddy isn't the only one who needs a gun because watch out ladies! These boys are adorable heart breakers. That's a moment.

The moment when your four year old tells you she's not going to eat anymore so she doesn't grow up because you told her that you never want her to grow up and so you explain to her how much you enjoyed her as a baby. And how much you enjoyed her when she was one. And how much you enjoyed her when she was two. And how much you enjoyed her when she was three. And how much you enjoy her now when she's four. And how you look forward to her being older and older because you know you are going to enjoy her the whole way through. Plus when she gets older you both can share clothes and make-up and it will be so much fun. And she snuggles in close. That's a moment.

The moment your three year old comes and crowds her dad out of your arms because she needs to snuggle right now because you are her momma. Not his momma. Hers. That's a moment.


LaFonda Dunlap said...

Thanks for sharing your most beautiful most precious moments with me. Thank you for the wonderful reminder! Thank you for enjoying those little moments who are still wrapped up in small people's clothes!

The Davis Family said...

Love your blog. Love the moments. Precious memories!