Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sickies, Liars and Biters. Oh My!

After sneezing Hazel informed me, "Achoo is means bergers come out."


I asked Hazel if she had a good nap and she told me, "Yes. I went honk shoo."


Hazel and Amelia were playing and Hazel ran into the room, threw herself down on a pile of blankets and exclaimed, "Father Abraham pushed me down!"


The girls have officially started lying. I was doing school in the kitchen with Abiah and heard Amelia start to cry. When I called the girls into the kitchen Amelia came crying saying, "Sissa do it! Sissa do it!" When Hazel came in I asked her what she had done to Amelia and with a straight face she replied, "I didn't do it. Abiah did."

While stifling laughter, I said, "Abiah was sitting here with me. What did you do to Amelia?"

Again she replied with a straight face, "No. He got out of his chair and went in there and hit Millie."


Another time Amelia took the cushion off of the couch and when I told her to put it back she said, "Daddy do it!"


Amelia bit Hazel on her hip. It was a doozy. A big purple bruise appeared right away. When Hazel had recovered from the pain she told me, "Mom, make sure Millie doesn't bite my hippo anymore!"


Hannah said...

Oh those girls!!

Jodi said...

I love kid comments! So cute and funny (Honk shoo!!)