Tuesday, January 25, 2011


1. Hazel announced during a rather unusually calm dinner tonight that she would like a new mommy. She was unable to give a reason. If I was in the middle of correcting her I think I could understand her statement. I have no idea where it came from though. Surprisingly I didn't cry.

2. Amelia turned two today. I can't believe that two years has gone since I was holding her in my arms for the first time.

3. I had a migraine that started Friday night. It finally subsided Saturday mid-morning. Then I hit my head on the edge of my counter. My headache came back. I hit Hot Hubby when he came to see what had happened because I thought he laughed at me. He swears he didn't. Abiah heard it too. Which he then took as permission to laugh at along with his dad. I cried. I still have a sore spot on my head.

4. Lately when I am having insane moments with my kids (like correcting them for the same thing over and over or, all three of them are demanding something from me at the same time) I've been saying, "You guys are driving me crazy!" Part of me feels uber guilty. The other day I told Amelia to stop doing something and she turned to me and said, "Cazy me, Mom!" I admit, I laughed.

5. Of course #4 happened right after Amelia's birthday party. I think she was feeling like a spoiled princess. She told me "no'' about three times that night. She doesn't usually talk to me that way. Those are the times I was she was this small again.

Well, those times and the times when she doesn't want to hold still while I kiss and pinch her chunky cheeks. But then there are the times when she quotes lines from movies. Or talks to me mostly in child gibberish and completely thinks we are having a conversation. Or when she sings, "There once was a green little frog, frog, frog" except when she says frog it sounds like a really bad word. Or when she sings "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus." Or when she sings anything at all. Or when she crawls into my lap with a "Hi, momma!" for a few seconds just because she needed to be close to me for a little bit.

6. Man. If I'm having this much trouble with her turning two, what is going to be like when she is ready to move out?!?

7. Abiah announced to me and Hot Hubby that he is reading "Hole in Our Gospel" which is a book Hot Hubby and I are reading through in a discussion group with our church. The way he announced it was so every-day-nonchalant. It made me laugh. He keeps his place with a single square of toilet paper. I swear he is my dad in a 7 year old body.

8. Today when I let Abiah know I wasn't going to the food bank because my friend was busy he asked, "Why isn't she going? Is she not going because she was at the oochie koochie?" I cried, I was laughing so hard. He has NO idea what that means! He was just repeating a line from a song in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My dad did something similar when he was a young kid. They are so much alike.

9. Tomorrow is three months from my due date. I'm trying not to focus on the date so much. I keep telling myself and others "the end of April." Seeing pictures of Amelia as a newborn makes me wish for the end of April to be here.

10. Seeing pictures of Amelia's newborn 14 inch head and 9lb 7oz body makes me wish Jackson will come early or on time. We don't want to go 10 days over this time!

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Marie C. said...

#2: Happy birthday to Amelia!
#7: So precious!
#3: Sorry about your head. I hope you feel better.
#6: No worries. You'll be okay. Trust me. God and Nature have a built-in obnoxious stage for every teen so that we are ready for them to spread their wings and fly...then they fly, the obnoxious stage leaves, and peace reigns once again. It's the way it has to work -- otherwise they'd never leave and want to start their own lives and families!