Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Kind of Color

The other night the kids were discussing their favorite colors for the nine billionth time. Abiah's favorites are and always have been blue and then red. Hazel has decided that her favorite color is pink and her second favorite changes depending on the day and sometime her mood.

Since Amelia is at a talking disadvantage the older two have tried to push the color purple on her. I keep reminding them that she is too little to make such a decision and "for heaven's sake, quit pushing that awful color on my daughter!" Or something like that.

When they asked Hot Hubby what his favorite color is he responded with, "I don't have a favorite color."

I immediately disagreed and assured the kids, "Daddy does have a favorite color. His favorite color is Mommy." Hot Hubby gave me a knowing glance.

I was surprised when no one argued that a person can't be a color. Especially Abiah. Captain Literal.

When Abiah asked if my favorite color was Daddy, Hot Hubby responded before I could even take a breath. "No. Daddy is like Mommy's 5th or 6th favorite color!"

I laughed and told him that he is probably more like my 3rd favorite color. Then I reminded the kids that my favorite color is yellow, then pink.

But Daddy is definitely my 3rd favorite color.


MCB said...

Why not have you as a favorite color? You do have a colorful personality! :-)

Rachel said...

That's awesome! I don't think Ali would let me get away with that, but I think I'll have to try and see. She always wants to know what my favorite colors are, up to the 10th and 11th.