Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wishing for a Wordless Wednesday

I know my kids are cute. And completely picture worthy.

But this week the things they've said have trumped all the cute, funny, odd pictures I could post of them.

Hazel was being bossy and I let her know that I am the mom, not her. After a back-and-forth argument about who the mom really is she told me, "I'm sure I'm am the mom!"


While I was putting Amelia in the car and trying to buckle her seat belt she started squirming and grabbing at the buckle yelling, "I do! I do!"

Not only was it her first two-word phrase, it was also her first official (meaning I could understand her sass) step towards 2.


The other night we took the kids out to dinner (yay! for kids eat free coupons) to a restaurant nicer than we usually take them to. They did a great job. Especially Hazel who, right now, is the one we are having the most struggle with (go figure!). When she exclaimed that she had to go potty I got up to take her. I think she thought I would just pick her up out of her chair so she put her hand, palm up, in the air and said, "Wait! Dus wait!"

Shocked, I stood wide-eyed, and waited to see what she needed. She wanted to get down herself. She's a big girl. I wonder where Amelia get's it...

Later in the evening, when we were almost ready to leave Hazel announced, "Miwee said dammit!" Which Amelia didn't. They were at opposite ends of the table and couldn't hear each other, much less see each other over the glasses and table full of plates and napkins. Suddenly it was time to go!

On the way home Hazel let me know that she was going to color when we get home. "It's your only choice, mom."


During school, when I ask Abiah to read something out loud, he yells. I was confused at first and thought he was just being goofy. Nope. He thought that's what I meant by out loud.


One morning when changing Amelia's diaper I exclaimed loudly, "Whew! Mills!"

Hazel walked up and asked, "What, mom? Did she cwap?"

Then later in the afternoon, when there was some suspicious goo in Amelia's bed, Hazel asked, again, "Did she cwap, Mom?"


Hazel was bossing Amelia around and not getting the response she wanted. She came and told me, "Mom, Millie has an agitude!"


LaFonda Dunlap said...

What darling children you have! I simply don't know where or who they get it from...:)

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

Oh, Shiree - your blog has been a bit of laughter in my life frequently these days. Thank you for sharing! Maybe you'll have a "thilent" Thursday?

Jodi said...

I LOVE kid quotes! My older two have mostly grown out of the cute little kid ones and Blake has not quite started yet, can't wait to record them when they come though :)

Misty said...

these made me laugh out loud. thanks for that!