Thursday, September 2, 2010

Second Grade Curriculum Choices

At the end of April, just as I was loosing steam for the school year, I read a blog post about a new-to-me curriculum. And fell in love. And wanted to start school.

Yesterday I received my box of books from My Father's World (MFW). Abiah will be doing the Adventures in My Father's World program for 2nd or 3rd grade students.

I love that the program links science, history, literature, and Bible together for the whole year. The lesson plans are simple and easy to follow. On Mondays we do a phonics class with another family so I usually do school just four days a week which is how MFW curriculum is set up.

I also like that we aren't working through a few big text books. The program is made up of small books that aren't intimidating to get through.

In science we will be exploring the vast world of science: "stars, weather, plants, animals, atoms, energy, gravity, friction, sound, computers, and much more."

The lesson plan for history covers the history of the United States complete with a state-by-state overview.

The literature books recommended all relate to the subjects covered in our history class.

In Bible we will be studying the many facets of Jesus. I LOVE it!

MFW lets you choose your own math and language arts curriculum.

For math we will be using Horizons Grade 2. We've used this curriculum since kindergarten and I really like it. It is colorful and repetitive. Perfect for young students.

Our language arts will be made up of a few different books: Easy Grammar and Primary Language Lessons to build a foundation in language and grammar. We will continue to use Spell to Write and Read which we used last year. Through this program Abiah learned to read with a foundation in phonics which makes spelling and writing easier for him.

We will use memory verses from Bible and writing assignments from Primary Language Lessons as handwriting assignments.

We start school next week and I can hardly wait!

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