Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Official!

I guess it was official when the second pink line appeared.

Or when I started feeling nauseous in the evenings and threatening the life of anyone who dared touch me (Sorry, Hot Hubby!).

Or when I started craving spicy foods.

But it didn't feel official.

I was waiting for the first sonogram. And the thu-thump sound I love to hear. That would make it official.

But, no. Official showed it's face in a completely different way this time.

Tuesday mid-morning I set out with Amelia and my friend, Robin, to do my monthly grocery shopping.

At the first stop (Fred Meyers) I:

Get cash (it makes Dave Ramsey happy).

Pick up a few items that I can only find at Freddy's.

Go to the self check out.

Scan items.

Bag them.

Put them in my cart.

Walk out.

Walk down to Starbucks (it's a treat for all the hard work of grocery shopping).

Order drinks.

Pull out wallet.

Have a strange feeling.

Pay for coffee.

Recognize strange feeling as an uncertainty of whether or not I paid for my groceries.

Realize I didn't pay for my groceries.

Grab a $20 bill and groceries and hurry back to the store leaving Amelia and Robin to wait for our coffee.

Explain to the clerk at the self check what happened.

Realize I need two more dollars than what I have.

Race back to Starbucks and get wallet.

Go back and fully pay for the $22 of groceries I almost stole.

Blame it on pregnancy brain.

It's official! We are expecting number 4 to join us towards the end of April.


Jodi said...

That's stinkin' hilarious! Congratulations!! I wish my pregnancy brain would go back to normal, seeing that my baby is two now!

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! And I love the story :) - makes me feel better about all the crazy stuff I've done.