Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Princess Talk And A Breakdown In Communication

In the van the other morning Hazel informed me that, "Daddy said dammit."

Stifling laughter I said, "Yes, but Hazel, you are a princess and princesses don't talk that way. If you say that word you'll get in trouble."

She agreed that, "Yes, princesses don't talk dammit."


Me: Hazel, eat your salad.

Hazel (while chopping her pizza with her fork): You eat your thalad, too.

Me: I did eat my salad.

Abiah: Yeah, and I am eating my salad.

Hazel: Oh! Goo dob, Biah! Eat your thalad and I give you dis cookie I making.

Me: Let me take a picture of your cookie.

Hazel: My poopie?


Every morning when I go to lay Amelia down for her morning nap, Hazel lets me know, "Not boff of me." Meaning, not me too.


While I was doing Hazel's hair she pointed to the back of her head and said, "I want a tony pail wight here."


When Hazel wakes up in the morning she cries. And wines. And cries some more.

Amelia. She bounces in her bed and giggles.

On most mornings when I go in to get them Hazel informs me that, "Moowee hert my feewings."

The other day she told me, "I need ice fo my hert feewings."

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Hannah said...

Lol... These kids are too much!