Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hazel's New Friend

Sometimes I wish we had cameras video taping everything the kids say and do. Other times I just think it would be freaky. Today I wanted the cameras though.

Hazel came into the family room holding something small between her thumb and pointer finger. She was talking to it and calling it her friend.

"Hi, fwend. Oh, how aw you fwend? Mom, dis my fwend."

It was a tiny piece of onion peel. The dry flaky part.

She laid it carefully on the couch and then started yelling, "Fwend! Talk to me, fwend! Talk to me!" Then looking at me, "Mom! Fwend not talking to me!"

Oh, to have that on video!

She dropped "fwend" into the couch on accident when she was trying to hand it to me. Afterward she just walked away. Apparently they weren't that close.


Hannah said...

She sure knows how to make you laugh!!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Yes, she does. I think part of it is the age. She's so unaware of herself right now. It's very cute and funny. Although, one time I was laughing at something she said and she told me it hurt her feelings.

Hannah said...

ohhhhh my :)