Friday, July 23, 2010

Hazel's New Chore

I am a believer in starting kids early on helping out around the house. Hazel and Amelia started helping clean up toys around 9 months.

Abiah was three when he came to live with us and he was able to pick up his toys already. Shortly after he moved in he was making his bed and using our compact vacuum to vacuum his room and the hallway.

Now he uses the big vacuum and is responsible for his room, the front room, the hallway, and the kitchen. Hazel now uses the compact vacuum and her job is to vacuum the living room. Which she's pretty good at. When she want to be.

Abiah has also recently started learning to fold towels. While he does do a good job, He. Takes. FOREVER.

Hazel and Amelia have always shown an interest in the laundry. But that usually looks like them spreading it all over the living room and kitchen.

Or using towels for Dolly blankets.

Or wearing our underwear on their heads.

A few weeks back I came into the living room to find Hazel into the laundry. Again. She told me she was "foding lawndwy." And indeed, she was.

She had a lopsided pile of folded clothes sitting next to her.

A few days later she folded her t-shirt. Perfectly.

So I decided to have her fold the kitchen towels and dish rags.

Without any instruction she grabbed to dish rags and started folding. I was so impressed I grabbed my camera and got this video.

Did you see those kids in the background? Who's kids are they anyways?!?

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