Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sooooooo Not Expecting That One

So, the other day I told ya'll about my premonitions of Hazel's up-n-coming use of swear words. I was prepared and knew that it wouldn't be terrible. Funny, yes. Awful, no.

When her first swear words was, "Thoot!" I laughed and thought, "No biggie." And then there was today.

Nathan and I were sitting on the couch enjoying our fresh coffee and reading together. Abiah was at the table doing math, Amelia was down for a nap and Hazel is playing "Yegos" on the floor by me. Now, she is still learning to talk so about 50% of the words she says are baby gibberish or a mutated real word. We kept hearing her say what sounded like a nasty word and just shrugged it off as baby gibberish.

Well, it wasn't. She started throwing the Legos at us and instead of saying "throw" she would say, "F*$%#"! She has never heard that word in her life and so we know it is just her mutation of a real word but Whoa Nellie! I couldn't stop laughing which, of course, made her say it more. Bad Mommy!

When I finally stopped laughing we worked on saying "throw!" over and over and over. And hopefully she gets it down because the holidays are right around the corner and this is definitely a word we don't want grandma to hear.


PinkPrincess said...
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Steadyongal said...

I figured it out! It was meant to be " chuck!" :)

pistolsnprincesses said...

Lol! Funny. Well I know one thing for sure. It wasn't meant to be what it sounded like!

Madame said...

My mom always tells this story. When I was learning to talk we had this dog that would bark all the time. My parents would open the door and yell "Shut up" at the dog. One day while our Pastor and his wife were visiting I decided to take matters into my own hands. I opened the door and yelled "S***". lol! I think I was maybe combining "shut up" with "sit"? lol