Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For His Benefit Only

I've never been one who likes to make a gift wish list. I don't like the idea of handing someone a list and knowing what they'll get me. I like surprises and I don't want people to feel obligated to by me a $50 present when they only have $20.

I don't ask for wish lists from others either. I really enjoy shopping for other people and finding a them a gift they will love but never would have expected. And I usually do a good job.

Except last year when I made a suggestion to my dad about a gift for my mom, those sweater/dress/blankets, and I don't think she loved it like I thought she would. I don't think she knows it was my suggestion either. Uh, sorry Mom! I was just trying to help.

Anyways, Nathan, on the other hand has always asked me for a list. And I fought it for a while. And then I learned that all the hints I dropped throughout the year were forgotten.

So I have started making a Gift Ideas for all Special Occasions list and I thought I'd share it with ya'll and see if you have any suggestions. I don't expect to receive all of these items this Christmas or even this year. But since he asked, these are a few of the things I have had my eye on.

Gift Ideas for 2009-2010 Special Occasions

Crockpot - My MIL was wonderful and picked up a crockpot for me at a garage sale this summer but it is a little too small for the meals I make. Costco has a coupon for a Crock-Pot 6 Quart Stainless Slow Cooker that is plenty big. And it's shiny and puurty. I was just in a conversation on Facebook the other day about how odd it is to want a crockpot for a present but I would use it and can't justify buying it for myself right now. And did I mention it's shiny and puurty?

Shelf for living room - I haven't pick a self out yet but I think something from IKEA would fit the bill. I want something for all of our DVDs, CDs and videos. Something with doors would be nice so I can end the war between me and my girls over the stack of CDs they want to destroy and chew on.

CDs - To add to my new shelf, of course! I've been wanting to get some new music lately and this may be my only opportunity to justify spending the money. Here's the artists I've been wanting to hear lately:
Matt Redman
Misty Edwards
Corey Ashbury
Justin Rizzo
Rita Springer
Philips, Craig and Dean (the one with the Holy, Holy, Holy song)
Susan Boyle (That lady is amazing and I could listen to her all day)
Keith Green's Greatest Hits

CD Player - to go on top of my new shelf and to play my new CDs. A multi disc player would be nice, but those Hello Kitty ones are pretty darn cute, too. Hmmmm...

Cute Photo Albums - I already showed Nathan one at Barnes and Nobe that I LOVE but I would like a couple so I can catch up on storing my photos and start my 2010 album. He picked four albums out for me two years ago and did a great job finding ones that are adorable.

Gift Cards - I always give Nathan a list of places I would like gift cards to. They work well for stocking stuffers and last minutes presents for holidays like Queen's Day and Ground Hog's Day. What? You don't get presents on those days? So far I don't either. But that can change. They are also perfect for I Love My Wife And Was Thinking Of Her While I Stopped At The Store For A Case Of Coke Day.
Barnes and Noble
The Body Shop
Old Navy

Simple Life Dual Trash/Recycle Can - Okay. I really don't want this as a gift because, well, who would. But it's a really cool double canned garbage can at Costco (they even have a coupon). It would make recycling much cleaner because it wouldn't be all over my counter. And it's shiny, too.

So this is my list so far. Do you have any suggestions of things I could add? How do you handle gift buying in your house?

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