Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Sisters

Hazel is the epitome of an older sister. She is constantly attacking Amelia. And by attack I mean coming up behind her, knocking her to the ground, and then sitting on top of her and bouncing. And it's all in the name of kissing and squeezing Amelia. Or changing her poo poos. She just wants to help! Ummmm...No.

Another of her favorite older sister roles is being bossy. She loves to wag her chubby little finger at her sister and tell her, "Moowee, No! Momma say no! Say 'es Momma!" You know. All the things she's supposed to remember to do herself but seems to always forget. She even steps in to correct Amelia when I already am. I usually end up telling her, "Hazel, don't be bossy to Amelia. Mommy is the boss. I'll take care of it." But apparently she doesn't like that.

Last night she told me, "Mommy, I boss." I gently reminded her, while stifling my laughter, "No, Hazel. Mommy is the boss. You need to let Mommy be the boss." She replied, "No. My turn."

At least she's getting the concept of sharing!


LaFonda said...

She is way to funny and way to cute! What treasured stories! I love reading my blogging daughters.Oh ,and Blogging husband!

Jackie said...

Hey Shiree.......Thanks for stopping by Fresh Oil Today and entering my giveaway!!

Enjoyed reading your posts and LOVE the picture of your precious children!! I'm the little sister and my big sister thought I was a real brat until she went off to college and learned from all her friends that everyone had a bratty little sister.......she then was shocked to find out I was normal!! LOL!

Hope to have you stop by for a visit often.....I'll be stopping by your site as well!!

Merry Christmas!