Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Dad!

One of our activities while at the beach this week has been sitting in the living room on our laptops emailing, face booking, playing games, and blogging. Sound boring? Well, it has actually been fun and relaxing. We are sharing a three bedroom condo with my parents and between the four of us we have three laptops. Since we've been here my dad started a Squidoo page and has included this blog on it. He included information about a few of my blog posts and now Google finds my site easier.

One of my posts he included is my curriculum choices for homeschooling Abiah this year. When I first wrote that post I did a Google search to see where I placed in their findings. I wasn't even on the first five pages. But now that my dad has me on his Squidoo page I am the first one Google finds when you search for First Grade Curriculum Choices!

He also started his own blog just last night and I am looking forward to reading more. You can find his blog here and his Squidoo page here. Check them out!

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