Monday, October 26, 2009


We are at the beach this week on vacation with my parents and two of my three sisters and their families. This is such a treat that I was definitely ready for. We are staying at a resort on the beautiful Oregon coast. We wake (early) every morning to a gorgeous view of the ocean and the sunrise. We've spent the last few days relaxing, eating incredible food, playing games, and today we made a trip to the local aquarium. And we are going to be here for three more days!

The last two evenings have been spent playing Boggle until the late hours of the evening. Through the many games we've played I've learned a lot. Mainly, I love Boggle but I'm not the best at it. Also, there are many words out there that I didn't even realize I knew. But the most interesting thing I have learned about is my dad's rather extensive, yet mostly useless, vocabulary highly influenced by Old English, Irish and Scottish backgrounds. Who know?

It's funny to me that I'm not really doing much different than what I would be doing at home and yet it still feels like vacation. And even though we don't have all the gadgets and gizmos that fill every nook and cranny of our house we are still enjoying our time. We are living with significantly less than what we "need" when we are at home and we haven't had a hard time making it work. The kids don't have a dump truck full of toys and they are still having a ton of fun and staying very busy. This really makes me want to make a huge Goodwill donation when I get home. But I'm still on vacation so I'll think about work later.

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LaFonda said...

As always I love reading your blog! I too have enjoyed our time here at the beach.
Boggle has been so much fun,and I agree with you who knew what your dad has been hiding in that mind of his.Hmmm,wonder what else is in there just waiting for the right game to bring it out?
By the way, I have always thought you were an incrediable mother,first to your sister's and every baby you could get your hands on,but what a joy it is to see you with your precious children. You make a mother proud! Loving you always mom