Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Blogstipated

Today I commented on Facebook that I have many blogs in me that won't come out and my wonderfully, humorous friends informed me that I have a case of blogstipation. I love blogging and do have so many ideas daily that run through my mind.But when I sit down to write my brain goes, "jdfvue rugfsa,rjvhbzd fjgfvb zrbvsb ,udbfvbzv xc xdfbvgfv." Not pretty. And then when my thoughts finally makes sense I end up with blogereah and post two or three times within a few days.

So, my questions to my fellow bloggers is this: How do you manage the many blog post ideas that come to you? What program do you find works best for storing posts for future cut and paste jobs so that you can post on a regular basis? Do you get blogstipation and blogereah too? Please help me by leaving your comments below.

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Brian & Rachel Davis said...

Honestly, I just let it come out naturally. My readers just have to cope. hehe I'd probably just use a folder on the desktop and Microsoft word or something like that if I were to try and get organized. hmmm