Friday, October 30, 2009

A Dose Of Humor

Today I have the privilege of one of my previous posts being used at 5 Minutes for Parenting for the Dose of Humor column. 5 Minutes for Parenting is one of five sister sites under 5 Minutes for Moms. I have been a subscriber to 5 Minutes for Parenting and 5 Minutes for Faith, another sister site, for almost a year now and have enjoyed the weekly postings I receive. As a SAHM I can get into a funk and feel like I'm the only mom having to deal with the issues I face daily. These postings have encouraged me in knowing that I'm not alone and have given me ideas for more creative parenting.

You can read my posting here or you can click on the Dose of Humor button to the right. I encouraged you to check out 5 Minutes for Moms and their sister sites and subscribe!

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steadyongal said...

Umm, I LOVE your new wall paper! Very spectabulous!