Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Mind Can't Make This Work

I saw this bumper sticker on the back of an SUV the other day that said:



Now, I get that London, New York and Paris are exciting and popular tourist cities. But Estacada? I'm sure there is more than just the Estacada located in Oregon, but it's the only one I've ever heard of. And it's not that exciting. Unless you are a logger. Or you do drugs.

I lived in Estacada for about 13 years. I'm not from Estacada. I just lived there. Anyways, it's bigger than the bump-in-the-road town we currently live in but it is in no way bumper sticker worthy. At least not when it's being associated with London, New York and Paris.

So, I did a search on these city names together and found an article from The Estacada News. They said that these bumper stickers were created by the Estacada Arts Commission who feel that Estacada is comparable to New York, London, and Paris as a destination place. Read the whole two paragraph article here.

I don't doubt that there are wonderful things about Estacada. I loved living there. In my house. And they have a small bakery that is still my favorite breakfast place. But as for a tourist town? Hmmmm.

The flier for the first house my parents looked at in Estacada boasted about the view of the city lights. Fortunately my parents went to see the house at night and got to preview this wonderful "attraction." And you could count the city lights on one hand. From 7pm-9pm.

Estacada does have lovely murals painted on the sides of many of the city buildings. And the are beautiful and artistic. But let's compare. Eiffel Tower or wall murals? Empire State Building or wall murals? London Bridges or wall murals?

My intent isn't to bash Estacada. I'm just trying to figure out the connection between New York, London, Paris and Estacada. And I can't.

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Willie said...

It's sarcastic, silly. Check these out:



though apparently the EAC isn't in on the joke.