Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: Eclectic Coffee Mugs

I'm starting a new trend around here. I'm going to start listing a few of my favorite things on Fridays and inviting you to join me. In doing this I hope to:
  • Give you another opportunity to learn more about me ( I know. You're excited aren't you.)
  • Learn more about you
  • Enjoy the things I've been blessed with

Today I'm sharing my coffee mugs. I love me a good coffee mug. The kind I like best are bold in color, big in size, and full of coffee. With a little sugar and cream. Please.

Because I like so many different styles and colors and I couldn't just pick one, I decided to pick 'em all! Not really. But kind of. And because my SIL works at Starbucks I get to whine and make sad eyes at her while pointing to cute mugs until she gets the hint and picks them up for me.

Yay for SIL's who work at Starbucks and are easily manipulated!!!

Anyways, back to the mugs.

One of my very favorite things about my mugs is watching my friends and family choose a mug to drink from. (I'm real hostess-with-the-mostest. I let/make people get their own coffee.)

Those who frequent my coffee cupboard frequently have their favorites. The newcomers ooh and ah over the different designs.

I'm not sure I have one favorite. I think it would hurt their feelings if I did. We're close like that.

Want to share a favorite thing? Leave a comment or, if you blog, write about it and link to this page. Don't forget to come back and link up with Mr. Linky!


Hannah said...

I love your coffee mugs too!! And it's fun to pick a different ones depending on what mood I'm in. Thanks for being the kind of hostess that makes me get my own coffee ;)

Nikki said...

I can't wait for you to get your birthday pkg. I was already excited by after reading this post, I am way super excited!

pistolsnprincesses said...

Oh, hunny, I recieved my birthday package. ;) But I'm excited to get one from you too!