Thursday, August 5, 2010

Circle Time and a Giveaway!

In an attempt to expose our kids to regular Bible study and prayer time we've been having Circle Time together. It's an idea I learned while reading through some Montessori information.

With my personal twist added in there.

My MIL got this children's devotional for us:

The kids love it. They are learning about Jesus by looking at nature. The lessons are short and sweet and there are questions that help them think about what they've just learned. We try to read a lesson every time we have circle time.

We make time to sing a few songs. The kids love ring-around-the-rosy. Very spiritual. I know. And Father Abraham. Yay! for me. Or not. Because I think my kids are the cutest I recorded them singing Father Abraham. Just for you. Because I'm giving like that.

We also take time to pray together. Being as the kids are 7, almost 3, and one-and-a-half there is usually lots of giggling and silliness. I still feel like they are learning an important discipline.

One thing we've not done, that I plan to soon incorporate, is a time for silence. Listening. Being still.

This will be interesting because of the age thing. I figure we'll start with a few minutes every time and work our way up. We'll see how it goes!

I've never really liked children's Bibles. Call me a terrible parent (and a 12 year old) but I would rather read Captain Underpants all day then sit through the stories in the children's Bibles. I've always felt that they were missing something. Watered down. Simplified. They lack the spark that ignites a passion for the Word of God.

So when my MIL gave this one to our kids for Christmas a few years ago I thought, "Another book to add to the Goodwill pile in a few months."

And then we read it.

Oh my granny, I love this Bible! Every story that's told comes back to the point that the Bible is a story about Jesus and His love for His Bride. How exciting!

I love that the stories from the Old Testament come alive through the parallels being drawn. For me! I love that when my kids are old enough to read a Bible by themselves they will already have this idea firmly planted in their little hearts and the stories won't seem obsolete. They will have a better understanding of what they are reading. I can't recommend this version enough. Perfect for children and adults!

And since I love it so much I'm giving one away to one of you! Here's what you do:

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Make sure you come back here and let me know when you've done any of these. Remember to leave a separate comment for each! The giveaway will end Sunday night at 7pm, PST. So get your comments in by then.

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Jodi said...

We currently have the same devotion book! Russell does it with the kids at bedtime because frankly, I'm all worn outta nice by then.

Also this is the second time in a short period that I've heard of that kids bible. Hmmmmm interesting... and I was totally going to comment before I even read down about the giveaway. Really! :)