Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Til My Sides Hurt: All Four Kids Edition

Growing up homeschooled led to many cultural experiences. Some of the most often and most interesting were the daily episodes of the mid morning "talk shows" that were all drama and people yelling and fighting. And since we were a house of teenage girls, the drama was what we were in for. And he laughs. Why we found people humiliating themselves in such a trashy way to be funny, I don't know. I blame it on being a teenager.

Anyway, I think all three of my sisters would agree that the most memorable and quoted episode was of some drama between two female cousins where the one being offended dramatically responded with, "I can't believe you did this too me! We've like... known each other whole lives!"

To recap: cousins...who've known each other...for their whole lives...Bahaha!
It still makes me bust up. Anytime my sisters and I feel a need for an over-dramatized response this is our go to.

So it was pretty hilarious to me the other day when I wanted my girls to wear pants with their dresses because it was cold and, as an argument against my decision,  Hazel exclaimed, "But Mom! We're like sisters!"


In school Abiah recently learned the why behind the title Mrs. In case you don't know, Mrs. stands for Mistress, as in Mistress of the house.

But now when he calls for me, sometimes instead of calling for Mom, he calls, "Mistress! Mistress!" Or he responds to my requests with, "Yes, Mistress?"

It's a little disturbing due to the more current use of that word. But I don't want to tell him what it means now days. Basically I'm avoiding an awkward conversation with my son but possibly setting myself up for an even more awkward social situation should he call me that in public.

It did make me ten kinds of happy to see the look on HH's face when I told him what his son calls me.


Jackson, Amelia and I were getting ready to read a book while sitting on the couch. I had been working on my laptop so I told Amelia she'd have to sit on the other side of me. I pointed to the spot next to Jackson who was already sitting next to me. When Jackson saw that I was pointing to where Amelia should sit, he quickly scootched over into that spot and victoriously declared, "Ha! Ha!"

So Amelia quickly grabbed his abandoned spot, the one right next to me, and Jackson let out a frustrated, "Sis Sis!"

He thought he'd out smarted her. I bet he doesn't make that mistake again. Ornery little fella.


We all know the popular rhyme children use when choosing who goes first: Eeney, Meanie, Minee, Mo.

Well, Amelia has hear it recently but has her own version that she walks around singing:

"Eeney, Meanie, catch a tiny when your Tony moose backup!"


One night Amelia drops her pants and her unders to her knees and, before I can respond, asks, "Mom, does it look like my pants is falling off?"

Gah! To laugh or not to laugh! That, sirs, is the question.

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