Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Christmas Pajama Picture

A few days back I posted a picture of the kids in this years Christmas pj's. My sister remembered that I had done this last year which encouraged me to post both pictures together so we can see how The Adorables have grown.
Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012
Let me just say, I thought Jackson was hard to photograph last year! Whew! That kids would NOT sit still this year. Plus we were trying out a new camera we got because the kids broke the spring in the flash on our old camera. I finally handed HH the new camera and went and got 'ol Trusty and just held the dang flash up myself. If anything it got HH interested in ready the manual for the new camera so the next morning he just showed me all the things I need to do to make New Camera work. Maybe I'll let it stay around for a bit longer...

Anyways, The Adorables are cute. And they just seem to be growing inches by the day. I love them so much.


Steadyongal said...

Who's da boss yo! ;) BTW, your self flash tone looks much better than the auto flash tone. You're awesome.


darlene said...

Dear Shiree: Love this site. You are very, very creative...such a beautiful family! Would you please send me the picture of all the kids in front of the Christmas tree. I don't know how to move it from here to there...Love and hugs Aunt Darlene...dh98682@live.com