Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Christmas

Like I mentioned the other day, we decided to do "Christmas" with our kids early. Our Christmas Eve began on Friday night with the kids opening their Christmas pajamas.

The nest morning dawned dark and early. We began the day with the traditional cup of cocoa for the kids and the necessary cup of coffee for mom and dad.

The kids wanted to open stocking first. It was crazy! And Jackson took full advantage of his distracted siblings by walking around to all of their piles and digging through to find the goodies he wanted...even though he had his own. The kids consumed more sugar in those few minutes then they are used to getting in one day.

After presents and breakfast Jackson napped and the other kids sat and played with their new toys. The girls got body spray, lip gloss, and nail polish in their stockings. Our house was overwhelmed by an apple/vanilla cloud all day long and the girls lips never lost their shimmer.

Friends and family have been delivering meals all week as I recover and that night a friend brought us a London broil steak dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies. It was the perfect finish to our laid back holiday.

I had lots of plans for our family Christmas celebration. Goodies I wanted to make, a nice dinner I wanted to serve. Activities to lead up to our celebration together. Letting go of those plans and taking advantage of the time we had to spend with HH at home was perfect. The kids have no idea that I didn't do all the things I planned to do. They loved our Christmas. And so did I. It was the perfect day.

And HH and I were wise enough to remind each other that there was going to be a huge lack of sleep/sugar overload crash in the evening so we weren't side swiped by its appearance. Bed time was the perfect cure.

Merry Christmas! And may all your holiday plans be Merry and Bright!

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