Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Life in Pin: Mess Free Finger Painting

This week's My Life in Pin installment comes from my To make with kids board. Mess free finger painting (original pin). I love the idea! I've had the same jars of paint for too many years because I don't like the mess of paint  + kids. 

I decided to pull this one out one day when I needed to distract Jackson for a few minutes so I could do some work with Hazel and Abiah. Amelia was content to color.

To begin you squirt some paint into a ziplock bag. Then you place it on top of a piece of plain paper and tape both down to the table surface. 

The child is then free to mix the paints up as much as they like...but the paint stays in the bag!

Of course, some children just prefer to rip the bag off of the paper...

and color like sister.

I think this project will work better with the older kids. They understand the concept of "don't rip that off there!" Well, kind of. They were all interested at least so I'm sure I'll be using it again.

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