Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My life in Pin: Foxy Leaves

When I saw this pin idea for foxes made out of maple leaves I knew we had to make some. We have a huge maple tree in our back yard that is currently shedding all over our yard so we weren't lacking for the supplies. Also, it's fall and this project just fits the season.

Gathering small leaves for the ears.

Throwing dirt!

Working hard!

Using scissors and glue all in one day is such a treat!

There's a reason they are doing this project standing. This is what we built that morning so our chairs were being used:

Jackson hid in the tent while we worked.

Someone got glue happy!

Amelia's foxes after the mounds of glue dried.

Abiah's foxes

Hazel's foxes took the longest to dry.

I just adore how these turned out. Each one has such character. And it was easy and cheap. Those are the characters I look for when crafting.


Din said...

You're such a great mommy! And, I love that you're not only pinning.. but using the ideas that you pin!! Good job Pin!


Rachel said...

Those are adorable! I also love that your girls are dressed as princesses on any given day - we live as Princesses around here.